Blood Moon Evelynn Edit

Am I the only one who thinks Blood Moon Evelynn looks more like Lunar Wraith? It's also just kinda...boring. I'm not used to working on something so small, so forgive the messiness of my edit rofl. I thought something more kimono like would be more fitting, and I changed the colour of the hair/horns so it looks less like Lunar Wraith. I thought the pom-poms on her shoes looked a bit silly so I changed them, but it's not that noticeable really. I kept to the original shape of her outfit etc. so that all that needs to be changed is the texture. :) Edit: Edited the splash! I'm obviously not as skilled as Riot's splash artists, but I think I did ok at matching the style! I also tried to make her pose a little more interesting, and edited the lighting/environment a little!
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