LoL-Themed Twitch Gameshow- FREE RP and Merch EVERY NIGHT!

What's up, guys? My name is Casino Owner, I host League of Gambling, the only LoL-Themed Gameshow on Twitch! We stream EVERY NIGHT from 8pm - 12am EST and we give away FREE RP and/or Merch prizes with EVERY GAME! We do Coached Viewer Matches, Ultimate Bravery Matches, Skin-Themed Matches, and more! We also regularly feature High Elo guests! This week we will have an Ex-LCS player on Weds and a current LCS Sub on Thurs! For any questions about how it all works, stop by the Twitch and read the F.A.Q. or ask in chat and someone will surely assist you! I wanted to make this thread because we recently made schedule changes and it may open up an opportunity to tune in for new viewers! Going live in 30mins- see you guys soon :D
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