New Heimerdinger Passive: Hextech Engineering Hextech Engineering **Effect Radius:** 1900 **Collect Radius:** 300 Heimerdinger's abilities use Supply which has a maximum limit of 200 at every level. Supply cannot regenerate on its own. **Innate:** Enemies, monsters, turrets and buildings that die near Heimerdinger drop supply packets for 10 seconds, which he can collect by approaching them. Packets offer more supply if Heimerdinger or one of his Turrets gets the last hit. Supply is automatically regenerated while standing on the fountain. **Minion or Monster:** 5 / 10 **Seige Minion:** 7 / 15 **Champion or Large Monster:** 10 / 20 **Turret or Inhibitor:** 15 / 30 **Dragon, Rift Herald or Baron:** 25 / 50 For simplicity's sake, the rest of Heimerdinger's abilities are unchanged for their costs and cooldowns, only that instead of Mana, they use Supply.
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