Baldwin - The Wrought Iron Knight (rough draft)

Baldwin is an extremely large man who has been cursed to live in a set of armor and to wield a sword that were built to crush whoever wore them. The weight of the armor and sword are so immense any normal mortal would die a slow and painful death as the armor squeezed the life from them. However Baldwin is no mere mortal who has god like strength and can become infinitely stronger by being in combat. While he can fit in the armor and pick up the sword whose name is Burden, he still can only just do it. He moves and attacks very slowly because each movement requires all of his strength. Burden is scarily huge - the hilt is as tall as ordinary men. The blade, while unable to be sharpened, kills by its weight alone. Burden - Baldwin's sword is so large that even he cannot wield it efficiently. In addition it can never be sharpened. Bladwin does not gain bonus attack speed nor benefit from Critical Strike. Instead he gains bonus AD based on his bonus health. Blunt Force - Baldwin musters all his strength to swing his sword. On his next attack Baldwin will crush his target with his heavy blade dealing 2.00/2.25/2.50/2.75/3.00 x AD physical damage. Unrefined Armor - Baldwin's cursed armor quickly dulls enemies weapons. Upon activation enemies deal less damage from melee attacks. Enemy champions deal increasingly less damage on subsequent attacks. If a melee Champion attacks enough times within a short duration, both Baldwin and the enemy champion take a portion of all the blocked damage. Continuum - Baldwin gains charges of Continuum over time. Using Continuum greatly increases the speed of his attack. This empowered attack ignores any attack speed slow and will go through shields, blinds, stuns etc. If used with Blunt force it will stagger an enemy causing them to miss their next attack. Giant's Strength - (Passive) Baldwin grows in size gaining bonus maximum health and his basic attacks cleave in front. Attacks that are empowered by Continuum have greater range and enemies that are hit by the tip of his sword take bonus damage.

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