Chapter 1: The Abandoned Summoner

Chapter 1: The Abandoned Summoner The match started at noon, it was a simple land dispute between Shurima and Zaun. Alex Angevin was asked to be one of the “Ten” to help settle fight before it escalated into a full blown war. He looked around at his team and the enemy team, he’d only worked with one of his current team mates before, the enemy team was full of unknown faces. He turned the closest “friendly face” Nessa Violet. “Will you be using a Shumarian in this dispute?” he asked. “You know damn well I’ma use my main gal from Piltover A.A.” she replied instalocking Caitlyn. Alex looked at his crystal controller and watch as everyone but him locked in the champions they had pacts with no one had decided to use an actual Shumarian on his side of the dispute, though all his enemies choose and appropriate citizen of Zuan. Finally it was his turn to summon he looked through his pact list before deciding to use the only Shumarian he liked Amumu. The battle was going well for the Shurima side 20 minutes in and only one tower down while the Zuan side had two gone. Alex and Amumu had control of both Jungle's. Until Zuan sent Warwick and Urgot deep into his Jungle right after he tried to finish blue guardian Warwick used his and smote blue from under him, just as soon as Warwick's cooldowns were up Urgot swooped in and used all his except his ultimate, this continued till Amumu was low enough to get executed by Urgot. Though he’d asked for help the top Ezreal just let him be. Alex mumbled under his breathe as he waited to revive Amumu. The game went much like this for another 15 minutes, until the crystal controllers all blinked off at once and started glowing a dull red, everyone but Alex let go as the crystals started heating up. Alex tried to let go put his hands sunk deep into the crystal and they all drifted to the middle dragging him with them. “Um a little help here anyone?” Alex asked as everyone exited the room. “… I’m sorry…” is the only thing he heard as Nessa left and closed the door behind her. He felt another pull on his hands as the crystal pulled him in up to his elbows, the last thing he saw was a red and blue flashes of energy and lightning as all the crystals meshed in the middle and imploded. *This is simple test run to see how this goes over. More will come if it's wanted and probably longer then just 400 or so words.*

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