Dar, The Unspoken

Dar, The Unspoken A yordle wrapped in a dark cloak, with a sword made from shadows he pulls from his surroundings . You cant see his face, and he doesn’t talk ( but he makes dark screeches ooo!) He is not a cute little evil thing like veigar, he is insidious and horrifying to hear. Passive- Dark Poise- Dar hops to a location after every auto attack ( think melee kalista but faster) Q- Swift End- Double Trouble Passive- This ability has 2 charges and resets after killing an enemy. Killing enemies makes the next charge do 20% more damage ( can infinitely stack but can only last a FEW seconds) Active- If cast in melee range, Dar spins and executes low health enemies, which stacks his Double Trouble passive on each kill. If cast from a distance he can dash to an enemy, doing more damage the farther away he is, highest being right on the edge of the dash range. He can use this ability on the same target twice. This has a high CD when both charges are used. The base value and ratios of this ability are low considering how easily this can stack. W- Fault Of The Astute- This has two usages. If held down, Dar will channel briefly, jumping into the air and becoming untargetable before coming back down to a target location. If pressed once he will dash in a skill shot ( this part can be used twice before going on CD) E- Dark Swirl- While in mid hop ( his passive) he can cast this, spinning and doing damage. This increases the animation but also lets him hop longer distances. This has 2 charges and can be used twice on the same target. ( This ability does a considerate amount of damage, worth the animation prolong) R- Vault Of Shadows- Dar rides a carriage with a swarm of shadows that pulls/flies him to a target location, greatly reducing vision, slowing, and damaging all enemy champions he passes through for x seconds. The range is small and it’s a skill shot. He is unstoppable while doing this.
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