[Champion Concept] Cebotaru, the Darkin Corpse

Sulpae, queen of the desert after the fall of Shurima, tasked by the Aspect of Twilight to hunt the strongest of the remaining Darkin, Cebotaru. The once great Ascended wolf, now rabid and mangy with other worldly lesions which ravage his once mighty body. Although his strength was godly Sulpae was far more nimble than the thrashing god warrior. Each of their spears bashed against one another until Sulpae had her fill of fun. Sulpae disarmed the wolf and impaled him with his own spear, before ancient magics violently ripped his body apart and sealed his immortal soul within the spear. Quickly her body was ravaged by the spirit within the spear. She wasted no time in going to the Blessed Isles to heal her magical affliction and seal away the accursed spear within the Vaults of Arcana. The Ruination corrupted the spear, causing the soul of even the most mighty of Darkin to bend to it's will. Now reanimated, Cebotaru craves the bones of all beings, even it's own Dark Kin, to add them to it's writhing undead mass. --- https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/dynastywarriors/images/2/21/Collaboration_Mission_Set_-_Cerberus_%28TKD_DLC%29.jpg *Note: He should have 4 arms. --- Melee Vanguard Passive - Fresh Bones: Enemies champions, large minions, and monsters near Cebotaru drop a Bone when they are killed. Cebotaru can click on Bones to heal, channeling momentarily as he eats them. Allies who walk over a Bone eeplace their Trinket item slot with a Bone. * Fetch: Allies can activate the Bone to throw a Bone at a target location. Q - Darkin Spear: Cebotaru dashes in a target direction, dealing physical damage, Mutilating, and impaling the first enemy he hits on his spear for a few seconds. They will remain attached to Cebotaru, but are still allowed to attack and activate non-movement based abilities. If Cebotaru takes enough damage, they will be knocked away from Cebotaru. W - Bone Storm: Cebotaru roots himself and channels, causing all active bones near him to swirl around him as they are sucked into his body. Enemies hit by Bones are dealt physical damage. He is healed for each bone he absorbs at the end of the channel. If his channel is interrupted, he becomes taunted to the champion who interrupted him for several seconds, gaining bonus movement speed, and ignoring crowed control. E - Gnawing Bones: Cebotaru leaps at a target Bone, knocking away and dealing physical damage to all enemies between him and his bone. If he can complete his channel without taking damage, he can recast this ability instantly. R - Become One: Cebotaru pulls the spear from his chest and impales a target ally, pulling them into his body. For several seconds, that champion is untargetable. They can still attack and activate their abilities, however, they can not leave Cebotaru's body while he is alive.
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