Mafia / Queenpin LeBlanc

> Owner, proprietress and singer at the ritzy Noxian nightclub “The Black Rose,” LeBlanc’s taste for glamour and intrigue made her a natural fit for the higher end of organized crime. Rarely dirtying her own hands, LeBlanc’s operation serves as a front for the syndicate she deftly and ruthlessly puppeteers, as well as a headquarters where the mafiosa matriarch is guaranteed a private audience with both guests and victims alike. Hey everyone! I wanted to share a concept I made for a new LeBlanc skin! I think LeBlanc's established character fantasy of political intrigue and assassination lends itself perfectly to an alternate fantasy as the head of LoL's organized crime syndicate. This skin was inspired by the mystery woman in the Knockout Lee Sin splash art! The idea sprang from reimagining "The Black Rose" as a speakeasy lounge, and sort of evolved from there. In my mind the skin will be along the lines of Star Guardian Lux, featuring new sound effects, VO, and maybe some fresh animations! I'd like for her recall (or maybe even a dance replacement like Mafia Jinx's) to feature her humming a jazzy rendition of a song from the LoL Soundtrack, randomly selected from a repertoire of about 3 or 4! I'd like to get to work on a splash art soon featuring the entire Mafia skin line, drinking and conducting business inside the Black Rose. Kingpin Twitch isn't allowed inside C: Here are a few in game model mockups Here's a color edit of what her clone might look like! And another quick paintover I did for fun when I realized how long her hair must be to have it done up so big! ~~it's full of secrets~~ In my mind I also imagine Ariana Savalas as her singing voice! Hope you guys like it, let me know what you think! I had a lot of fun making it!
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