[Champion Concept] Kit the Silent Stroke

http://i.imgur.com/mcaLiV7.jpg Some people really liked this champion so I decide I would post it :P. This guy didn't take as much thought as DhaMa so he might be pretty rough. This is Kit, the Silent Stroke. He is a fox ninja with a giant inkbrush. He is mute so he communicates through ink writing. AD Top Bruiser Passive: Ink Mark. Every third hit, the enemy's screen is darkened for 1 second. (Grave's smokescreen, Nocturne's Paranoia) Q: Ink Wash. Shoots a cone of ink. Slows enemy and also applies an ink mark. W: Calm Seal. Kit paints a circular symbol on the ground. All enemies within the circle are silenced and applies an ink mark. Allies within the circle gain a defensive boost. E: Fox Flash. Instant dash in a line. All enemies in path take damage. (Fox McCloud's Side-B in Smash) R: Black Script. Draw a path with your mouse (within a range). After clicking R again, Kit will become untargetable and dash across this path, painting a giant ink drawing. Any champion in the ink are silenced, and their Ink mark is activated. (My skillset ideas are trash XD.)
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