Converting league of legends to Xbox Console... for fun!

The link above is a reference image, but we'll go ahead and label them down here as well. Button 1: A Button 2: B Button 3: X Button 4: Y Button 5: Left Bumper Button 6: Right Bumper Button 7: Back button (??) Button 8: Start Button (?!) Button 9: Left Stick (pressed in) Button 10: Right Stick (Pressed in) There's also the Directional Pad, and the Left and Right Triggers. LET'S GET STARTED! Start Button: Opens the menu Back Button: Opens the Shop, which is navigated by the directional pad. A = Q B = W X = E Y = R Right Stick: Character movement Left Stick: Map Movement Skill Usage: Some skills are skill shots, others are targetable. Obviously, however, not all skill shots work the same, and some are definately a bit.... weird. Some of this will have to change based on the champion that is being used, but I don't think any would really be stopped by the control scheme. We'll go over some examples for both. Skill Shot Straight Line: When this button is pressed, there are two options. With smart cast available, it fires in the direction of your camera, with no pause. When smart casting is not toggled, the skill shot line appears, and can be dragged by the Left Stick, disabling map movement for the moment. Example #1: Blitzcrank Example #2: Amumu Example #3: Bard Skill Shot AOE: Same as above, except the skill shot will aim at the center of the screen, or the closest it can get to that. With smart casting toggled off, the skill shot can be moved with the left stick around the screen, disabling map movement for the moment. Example #1: Cassiopeia Example #2: Brand Example #3: Caitlyn Targeted Skills are a little different from skill shots, but it still boils down to two different ways of doing it, based on whether or not smart casting is toggled on or off. With it on, you select the enemy(or ally) closest to the center of your screen (if out of range, it doesn't work). No priority, but so long as you keep the button held down, it will tell you what is currently selected. When smart casting is OFF, however, 10 enemies are selected, which you then choose through a button, shown in a small symbol next to their name or targeting circle beneath their feet. In this version, champions are prioritized, then neutral monsters, then minions. In the case of supportive spells, allied champions are prioritized, with allied minions (if selectable by that spell) being next. In cases where both are capable of being selected (such as Nami's W or Lulu's E), Allied Champions are Prioritized, then Enemy Champions, then minions of either side. (Priority preferences can be changed in options) Once prioritized, the targets appear and are selected via button press. A = Priority 1 B = Priority 2 X = Priority 3 Y = Priority 4 Up = Priority 5 Right = Priority 6 Down = Priority 7 Left = Priority 8 Left Trigger = Priority 9 Right Trigger = Priority 10 Back = Cancel Left Bumper: Item #4 (usually wards, sometimes the rift herald. If a ward, targets 10 possible locations on the screen. Priority should go to bushes, then over walls, then junctures or crossroads, then baron or dragon pit ward spots, then situational spots, then corpses. Each spot would be selected by a different button press) Right Bumper: Item Toggle (Activateable items would each act differently, and this is where it would get the hardest. Ward Items would act the same as the Left Bumper. AOE Items, such as the Redemption, could work in two ways; the first way, it would work like a targeted spell, with buttons to press on each 10 different champion or minion options. The second way would be to put the castable circle in the center of the screen, which would then be targeted by moving the screen.) Left Trigger: Summoner spell 1 Right Trigger = Summoner spell 2 Like champion spells, Summoner spells work differently for each one, and depends upon whether or not Smart casting is on. To keep this easier, S= Smart, R = regular S Flash: Champion flashes to center of screen or as close as they can get to it. R Flash: Targeting circle appears, and is controlled by left stick Exhaust and Ignite: Same as targeted spells Clarity, Ghost, Heal, Barrier, Cleanse: As normal. Teleport: Same as targeted spells, prioritizes allied minions and wards. Smite: Same as targeted spells, prioritizes neutral camps based on strength of monster (I.E. the large raptor would be A, as would the Large Krug). When upgraded by an item, champions are second priority by default. Mark: Same as Skill shots. Directional pad (outside of shop) Up: Taunt Right: Joke Down: Dance Left: Laugh Button 9: Ping (No particular mark) Button 10: Recall Right Bumper +'s A = Item 1 B = Item 2 X = Item 3 Y = Item 4 (Not the ward) Right Trigger = Item 5 Left Trigger = Item 6 Button 9: Tab Button 10: Select (Like clicking on a champ or minion. It would prioritize champions within FoV, then cycle through allies, towers, Inhibitor Minions, Siege Minions, Melee Minions, and ranged minions (Whichever is lowest health in each category) so long as the user keeps pressing it within two seconds of the last press, otherwise starts over. Any minion within one hit killing capability with an AA would prioritize over all others, except enemy champions, allowing it to be reached within at least a few clicks.) Item usage Directional pad + Right Bumper Up: Danger Ping Right: On My Way Ping Down: Assist me Ping Left: Enemy Missing Ping Left Bumper Ward Selection Buttons A = Position 1 B = Position 2 X = Position 3 Y = Position 4 Up = Position 5 Right = Position 6 Down = Position 7 Left = Position 8 Left Bumper = Position 9 Right Bumper = Position 10 Back = Cancel Of course, all of this should be customizable, and I'm not entirely sure how pings would work without a cursor. Perhaps it would always be the center of your view at the time? To keep people from accidentally hitting their Y when they shouldn't be, maybe it would be good to have it activated by a two button press. That would slow down how fast it happens, but, such is the price for peace of mind that you won't fat finger it. Perhaps emotes and pings should be switched, but eh. Players can decide on that one themselves. Some people seem to like to emote more than ping. My head hurts. Any suggestions?
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