A new Ranked Mode.

So in Ranked, we have multiple versions, we have 5V5 Teams, 3V3 Teams, Or 5V5 Random matchups. Where are the 1V1's? Like the bare bone 1v1 gamemode, it could work in league and it could be a Blind Draft format, where each side gets 3 bans, and 1 pick. The map could be a map very similar to The Howling Abyss, with one lane, however, it would have to allow for item buys when the player recalls, and to give smite some merit in the map, give it a jungle section or two, with buffs and probably one epic monster, maybe a Twisted Treeline like map, but with only one lane, and the jungle extending from the sides. I'm sure you've had threads on the forums like this before, but I felt like it'd be a little nice to bring it up, and at least know if you have plans to add something like this in the future.
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