The Mischievous Adventures part 376

(The next day) {{champion:267}}: *Walks in* "Hello?" {{champion:7}}: "Oh hello, what can I do for you?" {{champion:267}}: "I saw your shop and was interested in it. You tell fortunes right?" {{champion:7}}: "Pretty much, want a go?" {{champion:267}}: "Sure." {{champion:7}}: "Alright sit down for me. Now let's see...Hmm...Oh." {{champion:267}}: "What is it?" {{champion:7}}: "It says that _'Once the King steps down from his throne, the maid will become queen and bring good salvation around'_....Wow that was new." {{champion:267}}: "I bet, so that's my fortune?" {{champion:7}}: "I guess..." {{champion:267}}: "Weird, but I'll take it to heart." *Pays up* "Thanks." {{champion:7}}: "Anytime."
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