Lux skin concept

WIP version of my fan-made VFX for DARK STAR Lux. All feedback is greatly welcome! :) Some news: will go back to my country soon, so I'll be busy and without a computer for at least two weeks. No videos for those two weeks, sorry everyone! Will be back as soon as I can.
Hello :) As a Lux main, I decided to make this post to share some Lux skins concepts, so maybe one day, we'll see a new Lux skin, and hopefully it will look like one of those ;) (Because mains never have enough skins for their champ and Lux deserves a new one ;3 ) I was looking at some Lux's skins concepts, and for me, the ones that looked the best for her are the "dark" related ones. I'll share here the ones that I liked the most and seemed to be in the same "theme". So first, there's _Dark Star Lux_, I fell in love with those particles ! Here's the creator's youtube : Final Version of Dark Star Lux : _ Void Lux_ (Artist: _ Ravenborn Lux_ (Artist: And the last one is a fan art made from a rioter(RiotPenguin) for the community, _Evil Psycho Lux_ : I'd like to remember that none of those are mine, i'm just sharing their amazing work ! _So, what about you guys, would you like to see a new skin for Lux ? Which one do you prefer ? Don't hesitate to share your thoughts and to give other ideas !_

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