Battle Boss Aurelion Sol 3D Model

Battle Boss Aurelion Sol
A fan skin for Aurelion Sol based on the Arcade/Battle Boss Thematic :D Pose based on this art I made last year - Battle Boss Aurelion Sol - 3D model by MonoShuga (@MonoShuga)
Hello everyone! {{champion:136}} This was a model I was working on last year but I forgot about him for a while, but now that the new Arcade skins have been released, it brought back my motivation to work on him again! I really love Aurelion Sol, and I love the idea of him in an Arcade aesthetic, so I tried to recreate this drawing in 3D! I also made a thread where I updated my progress on him I hope you guys like him!! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} ~ Candi
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