Valentine's Xayah and Rakan: Edits. Post # 3

Hello again! I am back for my 3rd day at these edits, thank you to all who may be coming back, or tuning in just now. (I will link the previous 2 posts.) For today's post I have once again focused on improving Rakan's Sweetheart skin. I will once again be referencing the amazing edit of this skin made by the artist who I linked in the previous post, and I will link everything once again in this post. Before we get started, I just wanted to say that although I took a lot of inspiration from the person who edited the below image, I did put in my own ideas as well, and took a lot of time to edit what I have to show you today. However, I wanted to prove that, so I will be showing some proof of progress with explanation. (The below photo, as said, is the one I have been taking some inspiration from.) I do agree with a lot of the choices that were made here, and a lot of them as well surprised me by how well and clean it looks. I think this crown is so much more fitting, and I would definitely prefer it, however I also showed the concept of a flower crown in my previous post, and I will also show that today as well. What I'm saying is, if it came down to choosing between the base crown or the edited version, I would absolutely chose the edited one, but a flower crown is an option as well. :) Moving on, some things I wanted to change about the base skin today include, continuing where I left off yesterday, with more improvements, and focusing on editing the outfit itself. Before I go any further however, I just want to point out a few things. I'm saying right here right now that I took a piece from the edited image about, and put it into my own picture. The piece I did this with is on the left side of the image, branching off from his chest piece. **_That is not mine, I took it from the above image and placed it in my own edit for visual improvement of the original skin._** Moving on, here is the final piece that I created today. There is a lot to explain and a lot I want to say. The feathers have been edited out, the reason is because I was focusing on the outfit today. The filter-looking pattern within the clothing itself is meant to show a sparkling Valentine's coat and pant. It did not come out as clearly as I envisioned, but I am still satisfied with what I am trying to express. I did not do the same for the arms because I believe the first picture shown in this post shows the potential in ways my beginner editing skills cannot. I would like to leave the shoulders and arms blank with the idea in mind that the representation for them was shown in the first image. Once again, I took inspiration from that image, made by a different artist, which can be seen in the redesign of the handkerchief (if that's the correct term for that particular piece of fabric below the chest piece) as well as in the bottom left re-colored heart. The idea of a belt is something we both had in common, however I give them credit for creating it first. And about that heart on the waist. When I first say it in the original skin, I thought that it should be slimmed down, similar to how the chest piece is. However, upon seeing the edited version, a simple re-coloring showed me how fitting it suddenly became. It was so impressive to me. I took that idea into consideration, and instead of sizing it down, I re-colored it using the color scheme from the original artist who made the edit. Moving on, there is an obvious heart-shaped jewel in place of the other one. The reason I did this is to express a more flashy Valentine's Day skin, similar to the addition of a sparkly outfit. However, similar to the idea of the flower crown, it is not the only option I am suggesting here. Linked above is the proof of progress I said I wanted to show. It is also an edit of an alternative, less flashy chest piece. Of course that design was first created by the artist in the first image, however I wanted to edit it in as well myself to show that I am putting in my own effort as well as heavily referencing their work, as you can see the side by side comparison of the before and after picture. Thank you all for reading again, and I hope this will be considered! Have a good Friday. The links to the previous 2 posts are linked below. **All additional media used in this process will be linked below for reference, as well as the artist's original post which I discovered through these boards**.

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