Hey Riot Imma give you a list get to work chop chop

You know you can make League of Legends great again here is my fool proof guide of how to achieve it. Taliyah skin the chick KINDRED FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT'S HOLY give them 2 skins this year no more no less Zoe give the loli lovers what they want Give Lucian another skin, and Ekko they are played at lower elos and that Chinese ekko main deserves a skin holy moly is he a god. Release a new Yordle champ... HELL make a Yordle holiday skins for all except the filthy lulu mains.... Give us a teemo rework he's the icon of the game and honestly I want to see him in competitive play it's ludicrous that he's been shafted this long and you know it. Hire me and put me in charge so I can fire the fool who nerfed Janna's 5 MS last year bc boy do I know he's the same person who gave cait 2 ad THIS patch... Don't make champions that you won't support and leave to fade of the face of Runeterra. It's honestly sickning and a waste of everyones time hopes and dreams. Make BE more accessible I own every champ and know tons of people who do too, this crap with "You guys can buy ONE skin on a dead champ who no one plays or likes once every blue moon." is sickening as well. Add new runes for example a rune that does grievous wounds, heck i'd be fine if it was just a keystone. Doesn't even have to be 40% Stop nerfing akali Low elo kids can't play her right anyway, at this point I feel like some of the patch ppl are just salty. Give Zoe her tp back make the chances of it dropping extremely low.. No reason Yuumi can tp with ppl for free but Zoe can't have a summoner spell? Oh hey Kalista... what's that? You've wait been nerfed and buffed 100 times since skt won worlds clearly showing you're a champ that's been played huh why no skin? Update splash arts Teemo TF Jayce Amumu Karma Skarner Mundo Lulu (I cringed but still) Nidalee Fizz Syndra Hecarim and if you need artist or don't have enough there are plenty of people I'm sure would be happy to help. This has been Francis of the Filth announcement... Peace out girl scouts!
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