Cleo, The Heartfelt Enchantress

Passive: (Smart Shopper)- Each time Cleo put a level into her ultimate she can choose an ingredient from the shop that enhances her ultimate. 1st point: enemies take extra damage while in her ultimate OR allies gain a shield 2nd point: every 2 seconds enemies take a burst of extra damage OR every 2 seconds allies gain a small shield 3rd point: Creates magical walls around the radius that only allies can pass through. (Cleo can not pass through them) OR enemies are pulled to the center of the ultimate. (Like nunus ultimate) Q- Back Off!: Cleo shoots a beam of light out of her hand, damaging enemies and "chunks them" (see ultimate for what chunking does"(Cleo can only have one enemy chunked at a time) OR (Cleo may chunk red or blue buff) W- I will always be here!: Cleo summons a protective barrier around her or an ally. While he shield is active the target champion takes reduced CC and gains the effect of a regular shield E- I've had it!: Cleo stands still for a second and then screeches. Any allies in the area gain a small speed boost and enemies in the area are heavily slowed. R- you've forced my hand!: Cleo unleashes all her anger and spell power. She summons a giant cauldron that contains mysterious potions in it. Enemies in the radius are slowed and take a little damage. The ultimate also does certain effects based on what she choose for her passive. Any chunked enemy takes extra damage while in the ultimate, while if Cleo chucked red or blue buff, any ally in the radius of the ultimate gains that buff. Lore: Cleo was born in a small cave in the middle of nowhere. Cleo's parents always acted strange and suspicious as she started to grow up. They could never explain the weird happenings going on around her (like random potion slime appearing out of nowhere) Cleo was always confused when she would awake and her parents would just be gone. The night of cleos sixteenth birthday she awoke just in time to see her parents go through a red portal in the wall, she quickly followed. This was a mistake. What Cleo saw terrified her. Her parents did not look the same, they appeared sinister and had black auras around them. Cleo saw a giant cauldron filled with burning people. Cleo then noticed a golden yellow aura around her. Cleos eyes met the eyes of a small girl who was the victim of her parents terrible crime, and at that moment there was a rush of power that went through her, she screamed very loudly distorting her parents. Her parents turned around and shot a beam of light at her, while they cackled. Cleo had no idea what to do, but then right before the beam made contact with her she touched her wrists together and a blue protective barrier formed around her. Protecting her from her parents attack. Cleo fought off her parents and killed them. She had to do what was right. Cleo saved the innocent people. Cleo then decided she had to roam the world, protecting anyone she come across from evil forces. Note: I don't ever make concepts but I thought of this idea and thought I had to post it. Cleo in my mind is a 16 year old girl with black hair. She wears a blue cloak and has a golden yellow aura around her.
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