Item Creation Contest #1! Registration Closes Dec. 10

So CCOS is always a hit, I'm wondering if I can do the same thing with items :) Current Entries: 6 / 30 NOTE: You can submit TWO items at maximum if you would like. **General** Everyone will submit an idea for an item, and the one with the best design, creativity, and utility will win! **Rules** 1) Items must be COMPLETE. This includes stats, gold cost, build path, any passives/actives on the item, and an explanation as to what it serves to do in battle. The explanation should be at least 3 sentences long and showcase your item. 2) Art is not required but it might help show what your item does. 3) That's about it, to be honest. **Judging Guidelines** Judging will work on a point system that's a bit unconventional from traditional systems. There are two rounds. The first round will pull the top scores from the pool. If there is a tie after this round, the second round will start. **First round categories:** Creativity - 7 points Creativity is the measure of uniqueness of your item. An item with only one or two stats will not receive any points for creativity. This is where you can show how awesome your idea is! _Note that you can get all 7 points without any unique passives/actives, but it would require a very solid explanation of your item._ Design - 5 points Design is the measure of how well your item integrates into the game. Does the item work best with mages? Tanks? AD assassins? Marksmen? Supports? Hybrids? Your explanation of the item should include this, but it should also be reflected in your item alone. For example, an item with +50AP whose active gives "+50% armor for 5 seconds" does not have a good design. Balance - 3 points Balance is, well, self-explanatory. Make sure your item isn't too overpowered or underpowered. Use other, similar items in-game to compare. Explanation - 3 points This is a measure of how well you explained the item. If I have to guess on its use, that's not good. Formatting - 2 points Formatting is how well you use grammar and spelling, and the layout of your design. If it's messy, these points will not be awarded. **Second Round** The second round judging criteria focuses on the same criteria as the first round, but it is weighted out of 100 as to eliminate any ties. The exact point values will remain secret and change every month. This month's criteria will be released upon the end of the contest. ------ **How to Submit** 1) Make either a) A NEW THREAD with your item idea, or b) a google document (if you don't want to flood the boards). 2) Post the link to your idea in the comments. 3) I will eventually reply "entered!" If I don't, please be patient. If I still don't after 7 days then message me. Best of luck! :)
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