A Corporate Matter Season 9 Episode 2

#A Corporate Matter **Episode: _Shackled Unshackled and Reshackled_** {{champion:517}} "This the balance designer's office?" {{champion:40}} "Yep. Hey, wait. Aren't you that escaped prisoner we were looking for?" {{champion:517}} "What are you going to do if I am?" {{champion:40}} "Nothing much, I'll just have to write an incident report after you beat up Lee, and they like it if I know who did it." {{champion:517}} "Well then, yes. I am Sylas the unshackled." {{champion:40}} "Alright, Lee is right in there." {{champion:517}} "Thank you." _"Walks in."_ {{champion:64}} "Who's there, who are you?" {{champion:517}} "You can call me Sylas, I am going to single-handedly raze this building to the ground. But first, you are going to buff me." {{champion:64}} "I don't think so buddy, I don't just buff on demand." {{champion:517}} "Oh really?" _"Roundhouse kicks Corporate Lee Sin into a wall."_ {{champion:64}} "Ugh." {{champion:517}} "Hurts, doesn't it? Now, about those buffs?" _**Sometime later:**_ {{champion:150}} "What's going on in here?" {{champion:16}} "I heard screaming and someone begging for their life. So I ran in here and found that escaped prisoner, Sylas, holding Lee hostage." {{champion:150}} "Wow, that's kinda ironic." {{champion:64}} "I was not screaming or begging for my life, I don't know what you heard." {{champion:16}} "Anyway, Sylas escaped out the window before I could do anything. We need to stop him before he hurts someone else." {{champion:150}} "Isn't that the security division's job?" {{champion:16}} "Well, yes, but. Kled is still out on business. I don't know where Pyke is. Ivern still hasn't gotten over the fact that Daisy mauled him. And Leona thinks Sylas in the right here." {{champion:150}} _"Sigh."_ "Fine, we can stop this one. I had better get Sona over here." {{champion:64}} "No, you can't stop him. With the buffs I gave, no normal champion can challenge him." {{champion:16}} "Can't you just undo the buffs?" {{champion:64}} "We are on a two-week patch cycle for a reason, If I attempt another change so soon, I risk a bug breaking everything and everyone." {{champion:16}} "Well then, what are we going to do to stop him?" {{champion:150}} "I know someone, Firecracker Vayne might be able to help." {{champion:64}} "Aren't you listening to me, no one has the power to stop him." {{champion:150}} "There's something different about her. I don't know, but she's not the same Firecracker Vayne she was before, she's far more powerful." {{champion:64}} "You do you, I am going to hide under this desk until it's safe to nerf him." _**Over in Corporate Mundo's office:**_ {{champion:517}} "In order to take down this company, I need to cut the head off the snake. The most powerful here needs to die!" {{champion:36}} "Please no, me not ready to meet maker yet." {{champion:517}} "At last, I've come for you, **JARRO LIGHTFEATHER!**" {{champion:81}} "Hey, listen. I don't know what you've heard. But Jarro isn't real. I am Ezreal, and no one else." {{champion:517}} "Try and lie all you want. I have heard tales of your great and mighty feats. I will never be free with someone like you in charge." {{champion:3}} "You wanna hurt my friends, you are going to have to go through me!" {{champion:517}} "Oh, look. A walking monument to ignorance. No matter, you are but a small delay to me now." _"Repeatedly lashes Galio into pieces with his chains."_ {{champion:3}} "That wasn't very fun. Give me a bit to reform and we can have a rematch!" {{champion:517}} _"Sigh."_ {{champion:150}} **"SURRENDER NOW SYLAS!"** {{champion:517}} "Oh look, more Corporates to kill." {{champion:150}} "Give yourself up and we promise we will not be harmed." {{champion:517}} "Hah! You are going to be the one who gets harmed. And don't bother giving up, it won't make me any more merciful." {{champion:150}} "Sona, do something!" {{champion:37}} **"!!!"** {{champion:517}} "Let me speak for you, Sona. **FORTISSISSIMO!!!!!**" {{champion:150}} "I feel an uncontrollable urge to dance, someone help!" _"Dances."_ {{champion:517}} "Now, what have you got, little Gnar?" _"Steals Corporate Gnar's ult."_ {{champion:150}} "Don't do it!" {{champion:517}} "Oooh, this feels nice. **RAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!**" _"Goes mega."_ {{champion:150}} "I hope Vayne gets here soon. Lee was right, we can't stop him." {{champion:517}} "THEY ALWAYS SAID I WAS A MONSTER, GUESS THEY WERE RIGHT!" {{champion:67}} "Well, luckily. I have made a living off of hunting down monsters. As those in my bloodline have before me." {{champion:517}} "Do not mourn your parents, Vayne. They had it coming." {{champion:67}} "So do you." _"Shoots him full of fireworks. Pinning him against a wall and exploding him into submission."_ {{champion:517}} "This power! You are no ordinary champion. You have something I have never seen. What is it?" {{champion:67}} "I don't know much, but it's called prestige. With it, I have become unstoppable." {{champion:517}} "Prestige? I most know m-" {{champion:67}} "Shut up!" _"Knocks him out with a kick to the head."_ {{champion:150}} "Thank you so much for helping with this. Prestige, huh?" {{champion:67}} "I guess, I woke up one morning, there was a hole in the roof of my house, directly above my bed. I looked in the mirror and I was glowing gold. One word stuck in my, prestige. Since then, I have felt more powerful than I ever have before." {{champion:16}} "So, what do we do with Sylas now?" {{champion:36}} "Do not worry, Corporate Mundo take care of that. You all go back to daily business." _**Later, in the power room:**_ {{champion:517}} "Really, you put me right back here? **THESE CHAINS CANNOT HOLD ME FOREVER, I WILL GET OUT OF HERE! AND WHEN I DO NOTHING WILL BE ABLE TO STOP ME, NOT EVEN YOUR PRESTIGED FRIENDS!!!**"
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