3 options - 2 champions

Hi everyone! in this discussion i wanted to tell the possible options about the ultimate abilities of those two champions who will get a rework:Pantheon and Mordekaiser. After reading the **Champion Roadmap:April 2019**,i started to think about what an ultimates will get Mordekaiser and Pantheon,and there is three options: **Mordekaiser** 1 option)Mordekaiser summon a dragon: As i think after reading this words**nowhere to run or hide**,i started to think what Mordekaiser will summon a dragon ghost who will chase the enemy champion to kill him.As i think it will work in this way: Mordekaiser summon a ghost dragon what will chase a enemy champion with lower than 40% health. Now,about Pantheon. https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/04_Pantheon_Teaser_mw9a8mjp629n7yemnmyw.png As i saw on his teaser,i started to think how his ultimate ability will looks like,and there is two options: 1 option)Pantheon make a high jump: Yes,it can looks like his old ult in first sight,but let me explain how it will works: Pantheon jump high to the skyes,became untargetable.In this moment,Pantheon can choice the place were he will fall, and when he fall to the ground,he make an AOE damage around him. 2 option)Pantheon make a jump and and throws his spear on the one or many champions: By my opinion,this one looks very epic,let me explain how it will work: Pantheon make a high jump,and in this moment he can throw his spear to a chosen direction in to the enemy champion.The first pierced enemy champion will take physical damage and will be rooted and immobilized(something like Vayne Q). The epic thing about the second option is that what you actually can choose were you want to jump and in last moment throw the spear right in to the enemy champion who chase you,or to start a teamfight after throwing the spear in to the enemy adc.
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