Karma Rework Concept

Passive - Gathering Fire Karma gains additional cooldown reduction based on missing HP up to an additional 60% stacking multiplicatively with CDR. Landing an ability grants 5% for 5 seconds. Q - Purging Blaze Fires a blast of energy that heals any ally it passes through for 8%(+ 2% AP) of missing HP and explodes upon enemy contact, dealing 40/85/130/175/220/265 (+50% Ability Power)(+Damage healed) magic damage. Inner Flame: Projectile passes through all enemies hit and explodes on the first ally healing for 8%(+ 2% AP) of missing HP (+70% of damage dealt) W - Resilience Karma channels for 3 seconds creating a tether between herself and a targeted ally. The tether will break if Karma stops channelling, an enemy unit walk through the tether or the target leaves the range. Karma gains 20/25/30/35/40%(+3% AP) damage reduction while channelling and shields her target over time for up to 100/150/200/250/300/350 (+105% AP) and also deals 30% of the damage Karma takes during the channel in a small area around the target Inner Flame: Karma tethers to an enemy unit instead dealing damage instead of shielding and reduces the target's damage ouput equal to Karma's damage reduction. Allies near the target also gain a shield equal to the damage reduced every time the target deals damage that persists for 2 seconds stacking upon reapplication. E - Heavenly Wave Karma channels for 4 seconds unleashing a large gust in a cone that reduces the movement speed of approaching targets by . Targets that are in the area but not approaching or have their movement speed reduced under 200 are knocked back every tick until out of range. Allies are granted a movement speed bonus and increased dash range in target direction if in the gust. Inner Flame: Allows a second cast in another direction but reduces the strength and range of the both casts when cast again. Channel duration is increased by 1 second and ends both casts when stopped. R - Inner Flame Applies an inverse effect to most of Karma's abilities to focus on damaging units.
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