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Hi guys! So, I have a concept that I honestly believe can greatly improve the game for new players, and even players who were in the game for a long time! This addition to the game is, "Guides", instead of looking on Mobafire, or Lolking, players can now go in the client, and learn how to play a champion guide made by players. So, before I start this thread, let us go over a few questions one may have. 1 . What's the point of having this when Mobafire and Lolking do their jobs? First off, this will be extremely friendly to new players. Instead of players struggling to play their champion, like, thornmail on ashe, they can easily search up a guide in the client! This will let new players and possibly level 30 players learn their champion without even knowing a single website! 2 . Why is this even worth adding? It's ease of use, it's new player friendly, and can help players who are going to play new champions. Players who are beginning the game login into league, build AD ryze, and then feed, get flamed by smurfs, and leave the game. That's the unfortunate truth, but now, players who can search up a champion on the "Guides" feature, can automatically learn a champion's build, and can copy the build into an Item Set, so that players can easily build from it! Overview of "Guides" So, the Guide's system works just like Mobafire or Lolking, but instead it's in client. Imagine something like this, you launch up league, and to the left of the menu on top, says a large, blue button saying, "Guides". You open it up, and there are all the champions in the game on that list, and several search options like, "Champions Owned", etc. You click on a champion, and a list of guides come up, for a example one saying Amumu, the Sad Mummy Guide, [Name] [Mastery] [Rank] [Upvotes] [Riot Approved]. You open up the Amumu, the Sad Mummy Guide, and it shows you the entire build for Amumu, with situational items, against AD teams, etc. You can customize your entire guide with champion icons like or entire splashes of champions and skins, or add images, or add ingame item images. You have several options in the right hand corner, that says things like, "Paste to Item Sets", or, "Minimize build to friends list", or, "Save", where you can save the guide for later use. So there are some flaws with this system, one is requirements. What are the requirements for making a guide? 1. You need to have over 100k mastery with the champion. 2. Your account must be older then 1 month. 3. Have had no punishments given by Riot in 6 months. (If your guide is Riot approved, but you are punished, you can still edit.) Riot Approved is given to posts that have been approved by Riot, these posts will automatically take priority over other posts, for players below level 30.
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