League Vectors

Finding myself bored during my spring break, I decided to create vectors of a handful of champions. I tried to pick some of the most popular champions while including my friend's mains. It was hard only choosing 21 characters, but I plan on eventually vectorizing everyone. If people like these, and I have time to complete them, I will be releasing another round during summer break. Since I am currently in college, I won't have any time to work on these before then. If you have a champion you want me to vectorize in the next wave of 21, let me know in the comments below. **UPDATE:** All the slots are full, but the champion who has the most upvotes by summer will recive the 21st slot. If you would like to download any of the vectors, you can download them at my deviant art for free: https://kygerstudios.deviantart.com/gallery/65988302/League-Vectors **The full list of champions:** Ashe {{champion:22}} Azir {{champion:268}} Jax {{champion:24}} Jinx {{champion:222}} Kayn {{champion:141}} Nami {{champion:267}} Warwick {{champion:19}} Ornn {{champion:516}} Blitzcrank {{champion:53}} Jhin {{champion:202}} Diana {{champion:131}} Rengar {{champion:107}} Katarina{{champion:55}} Riven {{champion:92}} Zoe {{champion:142}} Ezreal{{champion:81}} Yasuo {{champion:157}} Irelia (new) {{champion:39}} Lux {{champion:99}} Rakan {{champion:497}} Xayah {{champion:498}} **Champions upcoming for round 2:** 1. Taric {{champion:44}} 2. Bard {{champion:432}} 3. Ahri {{champion:103}} 4. Draven {{champion:119}} 5. Viktor {{champion:112}} 6. Vel'koz {{champion:161}} 7. Evelynn {{champion:28}} 8. Miss Fortune {{champion:21}} 9. Taliyah {{champion:163}} 10. Camille {{champion:164}} 11. Gangplank {{champion:41}} 12. Ekko {{champion:245}} 13. Kindred {{champion:203}} 14. Syndra {{champion:134}} 15. LeBlanc {{champion:7}} 16. Master Yi {{champion:11}} 17. Sona {{champion:37}} 18. Wukong {{champion:62}} 19. Fiora {{champion:114}} 20. Karthus {{champion:30}} 21. Surprise Pick! (I will determine what champion gets this slot once summer begins. I will see who the most requested character is that is not currently listed). I also decided to create colorful icons of these vectors: https://i.imgur.com/oG0vfXH.jpg If you want to download them, you can go get them here: https://kygerstudios.deviantart.com/gallery/66006946/League-Icons All I ask is that you don't try to pull these designs off as your own.
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