The Grand Archives of Piltover: THE WINNERS

Hello everyone! It has been a long time coming…well, too long honestly. Still, after ages of delays and waiting…WE HAVE WINNERS. But first… #What the hell happened? As many (likely frustrated) entrants would say, the goal was to have the results out in a month or so. Considering it’s March, it doesn’t take a scientist to know that it didn’t happen. In this case, well-known judges were both a blessing and a curse. A lot of the judge panel was often busy with their own work and I couldn’t exactly tell these people to ignore their paying jobs for something I asked them to do on the side for free. To that end: I personally apologize for any frustration, annoyance or otherwise that I have caused from the aloof nature of the contest. I tried to be as forthcoming as possible but from the responses and comments I received, it’s clear I wasn’t as forthcoming as people wished me to be. I’ll be creating a feedback post for this contest similar to the one we had before. [The Postmortem Thread]( In addition, in lieu of further waiting, I decided not to have judges give further feedback on their choices for winners. With taking so long, I decided that saying WHO WON is much more important than why those people won. Still, if anyone is curious, I’ll be sure to have judges check out this thread if they’d like to provide more context here or elsewhere, be it twitter, discord or otherwise. Again, I want to reiterate that it was never my intention to make others frustrated or annoyed with how long this took. I greatly appreciate everyone’s patience and am incredibly thankful for how understanding you guys have been during this. #Full Entry List [Check out the Archives HERE!]( For everyone who wanted to see the entries, I’ve linked all the entries with summoner names added. Some of you listed your real-life names so for the sake of privacy, they’ve been changed so that there’s no fear of personal information leaking. That said if you’d want another handle and/or name added, please feel free to ping me here, on twitter or discord so that I can correct your name. It was a kind of a tough call but in the end, I decided _not_ to directly put winners in the OP. Rather, I'd implore everyone here to check out the entries. Everyone here put their time and effort and while not everyone followed the rules to a T, the fact that you made something still stands out. So please: Check out everyone. Don't just make a beeline for the winners. As a final note: Some creators wished to have their updated story, art or creation included instead of the original version. For clarity’s sake, I’ve decided to leave the entries as they are so there’s no mistaking or confusion about one entry winning over another. You are, however, free to post your updated version in this thread or elsewhere. #The Winners! With that bit of explanation and PR out of the way, let me announce those who won. Narrative and 2D art ended p needing a tiebreaker as there were several entries that had extremely close runs! **Narrative** • **GRAND PRIZE: “Gates of Light” by Golem Vol** • Runner up: “A Killer Performance” by SaruHachiHachi • Runner up: “LOL Essay” by Aadion **2D Art** • **GRAND PRIZE: “Jinx Room Final” by The Ordinal** • Runner up: “Lazy Twitch” by Bardwurst • Runner up: “ContestZaun Twitch” by TheR4ilRat **Miscellaneous** • **GRAND PRIZE: “Bionicle Urgot” by Alzon** • Runner up: “The Birth of Warwick, The Wrath of Zaun” by jirkam01 • Runner up: “Piltover - The City of Progress Custom Music Theme” by Tzankotz #“I won! Now what?” Congratulations! Riot will be reaching out to you via the email provided for things like shipping your prize as well as any summoner account things that need to be handled. In terms of entries, you may recall there was an evolving prize pool for every 25 entries added. While you can likely check out the finals, here’s the full rundown of entries and RP prize pools: **Narrative** • Entries: 48 • Prize Pool: 3900 RP Grand Prize/2000 RP Runner-up **2D Art** • Entries: 20 • Prize Pool: 3250 RP Grand Prize/1350 RP Runner-up **Misc.** • Entries: 4 • Prize Pool: 3250 RP Grand Prize/1350 RP Runner-up

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