Siesta Zed Skin Idea

First and foremost, I thought of this while looking at the following game results and was like "I out-CSed a Zed." Then the light bulb went on and I was like "Well I'll be! Siesta Zed!" :O In case you wanted to see my terrible TF numbers that still managed to make a Zed distressed, here ya go: I would like to see a Zed chroma with a sombrero and a cheesy handlebar m(o)ustache. His "hand dagger" things would be chimichangas, and his Q would throw them at people. I'm open to suggestions if anyone has any cute ideas as to what his E could be. His ultimate could be him shouting "Ole!" (or some other politically correct thing to yell) instead of "Ahahaha". I tried to draw this in Paint and on paper. I may be a day over 23 with a bachelor's degree in computer science but drawing is NOT my cup of tea lol. As a result, whoever actually puts an image to my madness, all attribution of the idea should go to you, the artist. Though in a perfect world I wouldn't be averse to getting a certain Dryad Sora....*cough* *cough* ACHOOOO! You saw nothing forum ninjas. >,> EDIT: I forgot a poll, so just leave feedback in the comments below. Sue me, I'm lazy and yesterday was my birthday. ;-;
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