[Champion Idea] Kinxtal - Jungle King

Some days ago **[Malefictious](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/player/NA/Malfectious)** post something about a [Gorilla/Ape Champion](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/7qY2FpYP-gorillaape) and I've offer an idea. I'm posting it here in hope every one will enjoy it. Thanks to you if you take the time to read it. :) _**Kinxtal - The Jungle King**_ [Contaction of King and Ixtal] **Passive - It is my Kong-dom ! ** >Climber : Kinxtal ignore thin jungle walls and climb them, while doing it he's a bit slower, still can be hit by CC and use abilities. >Herbalist : all plants and sometimes bushes gives bananas to Kinxtal, healing him a portion of his missing health. **Q - King Fists/King Smash ** > King Fists : Kinxtal's next two attacks deals a bonus AD damages. If he don't use them he became "Enrage" for a short time, running faster toward enemy champions, and the ability become "King Smash". > King Smash : Kinxtal hits violently the ground on a short circular area in front of him, stunning enemies for a short period of time. **Z - Gorilla Instinct ** >Passive - Chest Pounding : After killing a enemy Champion/Monster/Large MInion Kinxtal pound is chest, dealing magic damages on short range around him. >Active : Kinxtal pounds his chest with anger for a short time, every ally walking toward him gain MS. For each allies in the radius of "Gorilla Instinct" he gain bonus AD **E - Banana Traps** >[Up to 5 charges] >Using on himself : Kinxtal put on the gound a Encheanted Banana Peel. Enemy Champion/Monster who walk on it will slide toward him, taking some magic damages and becoming "Unstable". Enemies hits by Kinxtal's attack while being "Unstable" are stun for a short time. >Throwing : Kinxtal throw a Enchanted Banana Peel dealing physical damages and slowing them for a short time. >Enchanted Banana Peels ignore a portion of the resistances of the target. **R - On my back** >Kinxtal "Enrage" and grabs the next enemy champion on his back instead of attacking it, carrying it where he want to. >If "Gorilla Instinct" is used right after "On my back", an ally can choose to click on Kinxtal to be carried.

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