Dunk Master Xerath + Elder Skins

Dunk master xerath Q -- -- lighting ball pass. That he charges a little bit behind his side/ribs. Then palms it out W -- -- dunk rim and fade of dunking silhouette xerath (or a hand from the sky - if it hits it says steal) E -- -- too many possibilities...fade away ball ? Spinning pass, rough floor bounce pass, harsh spin pass etc etc etc... R -- -- hovering lay-up stance (1 under arm scoop - poster style) throwing out the balls. (indicator area are rims/nets. When enemy is hit a little +3 points come out for the 3 pointer satisfaction . (His ult field could also have like a faded court design like he is shooting from the middle line etc. —--- Side note a skin series that makes characters aged would be amazing like maybe called Elder Knowledge skin series. An old ancient times Olaf that looks like he is Thor’s dad or old assassin talon etc so many possibilities with that series!!!
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