new champion (just my idea)

new champion! king of jungle he is a jungler and his abilities is: passive :(create a shield on limit rage for using any abilities) 1- summone any monster(on his side) to help him to attack in jg or enemy for 5 sec in limit rage 2-showing all places monsters in the map for 3 sec 3-make trap and root for 1 sec ult: (can not be active at least buying the speacial items called(the great sword) : he can summon all blue and red monsters on his side to attack the enemy for 60 sec if any of those monsters doesn't kill for 60 sec he can summon the instant dragon (after 60 sec) (even sylas take his ult he can not active his power at least buying the special item) NB: don't ban my idea again admin and thank you! its just an idea !!!! our ideas can progress the game :)

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