Poop Champion Concept - Mudd

Mid-range AD Marksman. Energy resource. Passive: Dingleberry - Every so often, Mudd releases a Dingleberry from his anus. Enemies that step within the stench range of Dingleberries are feared. Auto-attacking a Dingleberry will launch it in a straight line. Stepping on a Dingleberry briefly empowers Mudd's next basic attack, dealing bonus damage and restoring energy. Q: Explosive Diarrhea (3 charges) - With each stack of Explosive Diarrhea, Mudd's basic attack range increases by 50 and his attack damage by (5-30 scaling). Mudd can use charges to shoot diarrhea from his butt, propelling him forward slightly. W: Constipation - (Passive) While Mudd is at full energy, he moves 10% slower and disables his Passive: Dingleberry. (Active) This ability can only be activated above 80% energy. Mudd evacuates his bowels as a projectile dealing a burst of physical damage. If an enemy dies to Constipation, it can be cast again. E: Skid Mark - For a few seconds, Mudd's basic attacks leave behind Skid Marks that increase ally movement speed and deal DoT magic damage to enemies. R: Everybody Poops - All champions within 1000 range of Mudd begin pooping, leaving behind Skid Marks for 8 seconds. Additionally, when Mudd stands on a Skid Mark, he regenerates HP, Energy, and Explosive Diarrhea charges much faster. Didn't know if I should put this in the Memes forum, seeing as it is a shitpost.
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