Skin Concept - Huge Bee Jayce

This skin concept came to me in a dream. Unfortunately, I am not an artist so I can't draw anything, but I hope I explain this well enough regardless. Basically, the skin idea is that Jayce is a huge bee, but, like, still a person. His body is yellow and black stripey, and fuzzy like a bee, but he still has arms and legs like a man. He has two translucent wings on his back, just like a bee. His head is still the head of Jayce, but with two antennas. Why would anybody want to play this monstrosity? I don't know, but dream me was super onboard with this, so I am sure others will be too. His hammer and cannon forms are different. His hammer is a branch with a beehive on either side of it at the end. When he changes to his cannon, the whole ensemble transforms into a giant flower-cannon thing. Hammer Q- To The Skies -Jayce flaps his wings to fly upward, and then smashes one of his hives to the ground, briefly unleashing a swarm of bees around the target area. Cannon Q - Shock Blast - Jayce fires a glob of honey from his flower cannon. If Jayce fires through his E, he unleashes an even bigger glob of honey. Hammer W - Lightning Field - Jayce surrounds his whole body with swarms of bees for 4 seconds. Cannon W - Hyper Charge - Jayce fires globs of honey with his flower-cannon, but with 2.5 attack speed. Hammer E - Thundering Blow - Jayce swings his hives to knock an enemy back. No bees on this one. Cannon E - Acceleration Gate - Jayce sets up a hive of bees on either side of the acceleration gate. A floating, undulating line of honey connects the two hives. Firing his Q through this E will sweeten his honey shots, making for bigger globs of honey. Allies traveling through this honey will be inspired by the delicious taste of natural honey made by organic bees and will travel faster. Hammer/Cannon R- Jayce switches between his stick-with-hives-full-of-enraged-bees-attached-to-it and his giant-flower-cannon-that-shoots-honey-globs. I think this is a fantastic skin concept, and if anyone else appreciates this and wants to play Huge Bee Jayce, leave a comment. Thank you. {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}}
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