Yay, my Bard the bard concept became a skin!

http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/NE9ROEsB-bard-knight-the-best-bard-skin-ever So I made this concept a while ago. I love playing Shovel knight and I thought it would be cool to make the bard in the game (called bard) into a skin for Bard. People seemed to enjoy the concept, and that was it. No rioters responded or anything.I knew that the "bard knight" skin could never become a reality because of copyright but the "bard" concept could still work really well, and when I saw the other "fantasy" themed skins (lionheart braum, Ryze whitebeard, Varus swiftbolt and gragas caksbreaker cough praise the sun cough) I thought Bard the bard would fit really well into that line of skins. And to my suprise it actually happened! And I know that the skin looks vastly different from my design, but there are some features that clearly resembles mine. Like the feather coated hat, the lute in his belt, the tiny boots that he wears and the chimes (although the meeps were shaped like notes in my design) I'm just super pumped to know that my concept might have been what inspired riot to make this skin and I'm really pumped to try it out for myself! (If I only had the money to buy it...) I wish that skin concepts could get some kind of conpensation for their work though, getting the skin for free would be pretty cool. It would also inspire so much more concepts to actually happen. I'm not greedy, it's just afun way of knowing that there's a reason to make more skin concepts! (I'm working on some really cool Tahm Kench concepts right now)
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