Dragon map changes

So i love the way ocean drake changes the map it really feels nice, but then you get infernal and it feels like its lacking in the uhhh infernal feeling ? So this applies to other drags as well. Infernal - The whole lava/burnt theme should be applied across the map, really giving it a sense of the map actually feeling like its theme. Also feel like a lot of the trees in the jungle should be scorched to give it the theme its under. **some rough examples** https://puu.sh/EKydA/8ce56cbe64.jpg https://puu.sh/EKyes/172b90bd1d.jpg https://puu.sh/EKyeP/97c63b0917.jpg https://puu.sh/EKyeP/97c63b0917.jpg Mountain - Should change the ground completely to rock/sand(Shurima) Cloud - Im okay with it other then maybe swaying trees. Just a suggestion :P
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