The Mischievous Adventures part 357

(Meanwhile) {{champion:10}}: "Hey sis look at this! The battle of the bands competition is coming around." {{champion:25}}: "That seems cool." {{champion:10}}: "I'm going to join!" {{champion:25}}: "What? No, you don't even have a band." {{champion:10}}: "I have you." {{champion:25}}: "You know I can't play anything, right?" {{champion:10}}: "...Yeah, but I just had hope. Ok?" {{champion:25}}: "....Tell you what? Maybe we can find some people who want to join your band. Then you can join the competition." {{champion:10}}: "Oh yeah you're right! Now let's not waste anymore time! Come on!" *Runs off* {{champion:25}}: "That girl." *Follows her* {{champion:82}}: "....."
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