Champion Concept: Horacio, The Cursed Marionette

**Foreword** _First, I want to thank you for taking time out of your day to investigate this concept. I will do my best to make sure that time isn't gone to waste. Horacio is a concept I made a while back (3 years ago). I really love the concept and would love to see it come alive. I know Riot doesn't like to pull concepts from boards, but I hope an exception can be made! I revised the kit to make it more play-worthy and I hope you like it. If you like the idea, show some support! Thanks again! TLDR: An evil, blood-thirsty Pinocchio AP support._ **Champion Inspiration** _I wanted to make a champion that scares people. Recent horror films inspired me to come up with a haunted puppet concept. This champion is meant to steal the title of "Satan" from Teemo. Making something more evil than Teemo is a challenge. I wanted a kit and a backstory with some good horror themes._ **Champion Visual** _Horacio is a marionette with a long nose, and round staring eyes. He often appears with blood mysteriously dripping from his crooked grin. If you have seen Soul Eater, the Moon is a really good visual basis for this champ. Really round eyes, large creepy grin, etc. I imagine Pinocchio from Shrek but more antiquated and evil._ **Lore** There was once a woodsmen who lived at the edge of the forest, his name was Horacio. Horacio was known to the whole village for his wonderful wood crafts. Every night he stayed up late carving logs into new toys for the village children, and brought new toys to the village everyday for the children to see. Oh- Horacio could make anything, and his toys never ceased to amaze people. From toy gliders to yo-yos, Horacio must have invented every kind of wooden toy there was. But Horacio was a lonely man since childbirth had taken his wife and baby. He used to stay up late, making toys for the baby-to-be, and never really stopped. Some say it keeps his mind off the pain, while other suggested he lost his mind entirely- yet regardless of the rumors, everyone loved Horacio. So it was no wonder the village began to worry when Horacio hadn't come by with any new creations for a while. After forming a small party, the villagers decided it was time to visit the lonely woodsmen once again. They marched off towards the woods, until the shade of the forest had engulfed them. It was all too quiet except for the slow scraping coming from within. With a fearful curiosity the villagers began poking their heads through various windows to get a look. Horacio was huddled over something in the middle of the one-room cot. A single dimly-lit lantern stood at his knee. Curiosity slaked, the villagers slowly crept away from the home and returned to the village. Whatever he was doing- it was best he be left undisturbed. The very next day Horacio came to the village bearing a boyish smile and carrying a wooden box. Forgetting about all the mystery of the previous nights, the villagers gathered around for Horacio's new display. People began poking guesses at what was in the box, and Horacio just grinned widely in amusement until the crowd became quiet. Everyone stared trans-fixedly at the wooden box. Horacio slowly opened the box, unveiling what was inside to an anticipating audience. But what he drew from the box came as a shock. It was a puppet- or a doll, with strings of silver tied to its feet and hands. The crowd began to buzz in confusion. But Horacio picked up a wooden handle in each hand, and began making the doll dance merrily. The crowd began to cheer and applaud. The children began making requests for the puppet: spins, and jumps, and funny gestures. It was Horacio's greatest creation of all. That night Horacio sat by the fire, playing with the puppet he had created. He sat the toy on his lap. "Nothing will happen to you, Son", he said as hell fell asleep. Hours later, a heavy knock came to the door. Horacio stirred, and the knock came again. He stared at the door for a moment. "Who's there?", he demanded. The knock came again, throwing the door open with a chill wind behind it. Horacio's light went out, and he could only see a figure standing in the doorway. "Who is it?", he demanded again. But there was no answer. Horacio stumbled for his ax, and gripped it tight. The figure approached, and picked up the doll. "I bet you wish you had a real son. I can make this boy come to life, ...if you like." Horacio was never seen again. When the villagers came to investigate, they found the bloody corpse of an elderly woman from the village. The doll Horacio crafted sat over the bloody mess, blood dripping from its guilty grin. The villagers believed Horacio had murdered the woman before running off into the woods. But months of searching found nothing. Horacio's valuable were pawned off, all except for the puppet. It wasn't the same cheerful, dancing and playing puppet they were introduced to. The smile seemed more menacing and cruel, and the eyes stared as if they had life. Years went by, and people kept mysteriously dying. And everywhere there was a gruesome murder, the woodsmen's doll could be found watching the bystanders with blood dripping from its crooked smile. **Combat/Abilities** - Basic Attack: Horacio has 650 attack range, with a special condition on his attacks. - Health: 550 - 2300 - Health Regen.: 6.5 - 16.5 - Mana: 420 - 875 - Mana Regen.: 8 - 21.5 - Attack Damage: 50 - 100 - Attack Speed: .666 (+2% per level) - Armor: 17 - 70 - Magic Resist.: 30 - 40 - Move. Speed: 330 **Roles** - Support **PASSIVE ABILITY** **"Puppet Strings"** (Horacio latches onto his foe with his puppet handles, and his puppet strings shred any enemies in his way.) - _Horacio's basic attacks create **Puppet Strings** between him and the target for up to 3 seconds. The target is **MARKED** with a puppet handle icon for the duration, and the strings are animated to show the connection._ - _**Puppet Strings** is cancelled if Horacio becomes affected by **(stuns, polymorphs, fears, charms, knock ups, knock backs, and pulls)** or when Horacio attacks, or when the target leaves Horacio's Attack Range._ - _**Puppet Strings** deals damage to enemies equal to: **(Horacio's Basic Attack Damage +5% Ability Power) Magic Damage** at a rate of **(Horacio's Attack Speed +50%)**. This damage does not count as basic attack damage._ **ABILITY: Q** **"Slit-throat Snare"** (Horacio sends his **Puppet Strings** coiling to his foe, snaring them so tight it tears the flesh.) **Cooldown:** (18/16/14/12/10) seconds **Cost:** 25 Mana / **"Puppet Strings"** Passive Ability - _Horacio sends his **Puppet Strings** to target, snaring the target for_ **(1.0/1.3/1.6/1.9/2.2) seconds** _and applying damage from **Puppet Strings** for 3 seconds._ - _Horacio loses his **Passive Ability** after casting **Slit-throat Snare**. _ - _If target was **MARKED** by **Puppet Strings**, the mark is removed, applying Grievous Wounds to the target for 1.5 seconds and Horacio doesn't lose his **Passive Ability**._ - _**Passive Ability** is regained when **Slit-throat Snare** comes off cooldown._ **ABILITY: W** **"Visage of Absolute Horror"** (Horacio delivers horror into the hearts of his enemies with a turn of his head, and freezes foes in fear with a penetrating stare.) **Cooldown:** 18 seconds **Cost:** 45 Mana - _Horacio drops to the ground as his head turns clockwise up to 720 degrees. Starting at his direct line of sight, horacio creates a "lighthouse cone" that causes **Fear** in enemies for_ **(1.0/1.2/1.4/1.6/1.8) seconds**. - _Re-activating **Stuns** any enemies within the AOE for_ **( 1.2/1.5/1.8/2.1/2.4) seconds.**_ - _**Visage of Absolute Horror** is cancelled if Horacio is affected by **(stuns, polymorphs, fears, charms, knock ups, knock backs, and pulls)**._ - _Moving, Attacking, or casting abilities triggers the re-activation effect._ **ABILITY: E** **"Unyielding Terror"** (Horacio chases his victims relentlessly; Horacio dives visciously at his petrified foes.) **Cooldown:** 2 seconds **Cost:** (3/5/7/9/11) Mana per second ; 60 Mana - _**Toggle:** Horacio gains **(10/15/20/25/30)** plus 50% of his Ability Power in **Movement Speed** toward **MARKED** target and Horacio's basic attacks deal **(5/10/15/20/25)** plus 50% of his Attack Damage in bonus **Magic Damage** against **MARKED** target._ - _**Unique Active:** While **Visage of Absolute Horror** is active, activating **Unyielding Terror** causes Horacio to lunge in the direction he was facing, and deals **(25/45/65/85/105)** plus 25% AP plus 25% AD damage in a radius and causing **Fear** for 1 second to enemies hit._ **ULTIMATE ABILITY** **"Lifeless Relic" / "Mad Marionette"** (Horacio's puppet strings attach to an allied champion, leaving his puppet body completely lifeless. Horacio can attack and still has access to Slit-throat Snare, but does so from the controlled movement of the chosen ally. Additionally, Horacio's lifeless corpse can be targeted by Ally Champions to be picked up, causing their next basic attack to throw the puppet and deal damage.) **Cooldown:** 90 seconds **Cost:** 120 Mana - _Horacio targets an allied Champion within range and becomes **Lifeless** for up to (8/12/16) seconds._ - _**Lifeless:** Horacio enters Stasis, Horacio and Allied Champions can activate the **Lifeless Relic** to pick it up causing their next basic attack to be ranged and apply the **ACTIVE** damage and effects of **Unyielding Terror**. **Lifeless Relic** is placed at the point of attack._ - _**still absolutely horrifying**: If any champion other than Horacio holds **Lifeless Relic**, they drop it after 1.5 seconds. Champions other than Horacio can't activate **Lifeless Relic** more than once. Horacio can move **Lifeless Relic** by activating it and "moving" to a destination within reach._ - _**Mad Marionette:** Player screen locks onto target ally. Target Ally gains puppet string animations for visual effect and player awareness. Horacio can attack and activate **Slit-throat Snare** from the bound Ally. Bound Ally gains **(25/40/65)%** plus 5% Horacio's Ability Power in **Lifesteal** against **MARKED** enemies._ **CONTINUED LORE..** "I bet you wish you had a real son. I can make this boy come to life, ...if you like." Lightning flashed and the room lit up revealing the familiar face of an elderly woman from the village. Horacio relaxed a little, recognizing the elderly woman. Horacio: "What are you doing here?" (He re-lights his lantern) Elderly Woman: "I know you miss your wife so dearly. I know how you wanted a family." (Horacio looks to the ground, emotionless) Elderly Woman: "Horacio." (He looks up and meets her gaze) "Through my years I have learned many things. I know of forbidden arts." Horacio: "You're.. a sorceress? Get out" I want nothing to do with your treachery, witch! Begone!" Elderly Woman: (In a cooing tone) "Horacio, have I ever meant you any harm? I was her midwife, Horacio. I'm here for you." (Horacio turns his head away sharply, then sighs heavily) Horacio: "What do we need to do?" (The elderly woman gently approaches Horacio) Elderly Woman: "You just need to reach for the puppet. Reach for him, Horacio. Reach out for your son." (There was a gruesome rush of red, Horacio's body collapsed as his soul stretched out for the puppet. Once the spectral hand of Horacio grabbed the puppet, the red flooded into the specter and drained it into the doll) (Horacio sputtered his last breath and the elderly woman approached the puppet) Elderly Woman: "How are we feeling, Dear?" (Horacio observed himself and became enraged beyond measure. He lunged at the woman, and began tearing her apart)
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