Nexus Blitz - Event and Reward Ideas

Loving the idea for Nexus Blitz. The current array of events are a good start, but for a game like this to remain fresh and fun, it's very important to keep adding in, and tweaking the event system that is one of the main focus's of the gamemode. Below, I am listing a few of my ideas for events, and I would love to hear some feedback. **Event Ideas** > {{champion:82}} **Revenant's Wrath ** >_"A dark mist forms over the arena. Mordekaiser's laugh can be heard in the wind. Bending to his will grants you life beyond the grave. Apposing him may spell your doom._ > > For the next X seconds (I imagine 45 - 75 would be appropriate), ghostly duplicates of champions on both teams will spawn randomy on the map. This should be fairly aggressive, so there will probably at least be 4 to 9 on the map at once, but no more than 12. Killing a ghostly duplicate (last-hitting them) grants your team points. Which ever team gains the most points in the alloted time, wins the event. > > >The best way to add some diversity to this mode is to grant more points depending on the defensive stats of who's ghost you kill. For example, if the enemy team has a Cho'gath with 4000 Max HP, killing it may grant 3 points. Killing the Ashe ghost may only grant 1. > >The interesting thing with this mode is that you will be killing ghostly duplicates of both people from your team, and the enemy. They will also have the full items from that person, so if your team has a fed Jinx, you best be careful in killing it, or it may crit you out. > > _For the reward, see "Revenant's Gift" in the Reward Ideas section._ . >{{item:3105}} **Shuriman Dungeon Escape** _"A long-distance portal opens up the sands of the desert. Inside lies a deep, dark dungeon. At the end lies a powerful artifact that briefly calls upon the power of the Shuriman Sun Disc."_ > A recolored Ryze portal will open on both ends of the map. (One in each base). Upon standing in it, your summoner spells (or trinket ward slot) change to > **"Dungeon Entrance"**{{item:3460}} > which will allow the people who stand inside to teleport into the dungeon. The dungeon specifically consists of long Shuriman themed halls, with perhaps recolored buffed jungle monsters which will be guarding the dungeon. There should be three rooms total, each with a different wave of monsters, and once they are all slain, the door opens to the next room. > The first room could possibly have 8 recolored Baby Raptors, that do high DPS damage (think Udyr's tiger stance), and also are fairly quick. They should have a decent amount of health, as this dungeon crawl ideally will take multiple people to finish. > The second room could be two or three recolored Gromps which will do large single-target damage, and also knock people far back, and blind (nearsighted) them. These Gromps should not have the "Attack Speed falloff" that the ones on SR do. > The third and final room could be a "Sand Drake" if you will. It will do large AOE damage, and will repeatedly kick up "Dust Devil" tornados which will sweep all around him quickly, flinging people back and also slowing them. These dust devil tornados can be Janna's tornados, recolored to fit the Shuriman theme. Once slain, the dragon will drop an item on the ground, similar to the Eye of the Herald, which can then be used back on the main map. > The main idea for this mode is that each team has their own "instanced" version of the dungeon, and which ever team completes the dungeon first will get the buff. Upon completion, all players in their respective dungeons will be kicked back to the Summoner's Platform on the main map. This could be interesting, as teams will have to quickly decide how many people they want to send into the dungeon. The enemy team very well could shove down the base before you finish the dungeon, so you could possibly have both junglers go in with smite, and leave everyone else outside. > _For the reward, see "Shuriman Blessing" in the Reward Ideas section._ . >{{item:1416}} **Sated Pooch** >_"An old jungler's friend reemerges to play a small game. Friendly barks can be heard all throughout the jungle. Somewhere lies your old friend."_ > I'm sure you all remember Devourer dog. Well, in this event, you have to play a little hide and seek. Somewhere random in the jungle, the devourer dog will spawn, and hide in a bush. The goal is to find him, and then chase him until you catch him. When you first walk into the bush he is in, then he jumps out and runs (very) fast from people, but mainly from the person who first found him. The goal is to run the pooch into someone else from your team (or catch up to him if you're speedy gonzales) and then you will win the event. > Once the devourer dog has been revealed, it will be a visible marker on the map to both teams. Either team at any time can catch him. > To catch the dog, you simply run into him, and he will become your friend once more, and grant you his reward. > _For the reward, see "Man's Best Friend" in the Reward Ideas section._ **Reward Ideas** >{{item:3905}} **Revenant's Gift** >_"For the next 90 seconds, if you take lethal damage, you will respawn as a Revenant."_ > >The idea of this reward is to grant players life beyond the grave. When they die, there is normal kill gold supplied to the enemy team, as the champion "died". However, upon taking lethal damage, the champion will leave it's dead body on the ground as normal, and a shadowy ghost of that champion (basically, it will look just like a Mord ult ghost) will spawn, initially invisible, silenced, and disarmed. These initial debuffs exist to grant the player a brief moment to reposition before they can reappear. Ideally, this invisibility will last 3 seconds, afterwards, they are able to fully use their abilities and attack as normal. > >Now, for the difference between this and a Guardian's Angel. During the time when the champion is a Revenant, they are able to be killed, and then the buff is disabled for them. However, the game should still be tracking their death timer during them being a Revenant, (should still display it on their champion portrait on the HUD), as if the death timer expires **while they are still a Revenant,** they will come back to life (the shadowy form will vanish, and the champion will return to normal), and be back to normal. Assuming the 90 seconds of the reward hasn't expired, the newly respawned champion will retain the Revenant's Gift buff, and it will repeat itself until either their Revenant form dies, or the reward expires. > >This will allow smart plays around the reward, as if played right, you will be able to not really "die", and have a death timer with this buff. Obviously, if you are way out of position, and the enemy team can kill two instances of you, this buff will be useless. But it can be a gamechanger if used right. . >{{item:3306}} **Shuriman Blessing** >_"For the next 60 seconds, you can call down the power of the Shuriman Sun Disc to aid in your assault!"_ > >When you gain this item, it will occupy your trinket ward slot, similar to the Eye of the Herald. Upon casting it, channel for a brief 2 seconds, and upon completion, it will call down the Shuriman Sun Disc. The best way to describe this, is basically wherever you were casting the item, will construct the Azir passive Turret, although it will be slightly larger than that. > >The benefit of this reward is that whoever summons this Sun Disc, can control it by repeatedly pressing the trinket item (like Annie's Tibbers, or Ivern's Daisy). It moves (hovers) with 400-450 MS, and has stats similar if not identical to that of a standard turret found on Summoner's Rift. While the Sun Disc is active, the user can right-click it (similar to Thresh's lantern) to switch the mode of the Disc. There are two modes to this, "Turret" and "Laser". > >"Turret" mode does increasing single-target damage, like a Summoner's Rift turret. (Damage and Attack Speed could be a bit higher, but that can be left up to balancing) The specific target of the damage can be directed by the user, similar to controlling the target of Tibbers on Annie. > >"Laser" mode reuses the old laser that used to be on Inhibitor and Nexus Turret's on Summoner's Rift. I believe that it should be set to fire multiple laser's towards up to three units. This will prioritize champions, but will mow down minions as well. The laser should supply a slow to the units that it's currently hitting. The damage should be lower than the single-target damage, but the use case of this mode is quick AOE damage, and it also slows. > > >The Sun Disc should not time out, but rather is reliant on the enemy team actually destroying it. Personally, I think it would be very cool to have a "moving turret" that can directly be controlled by the person who got the reward in the first place. If the user dies, it should still be controllable from death as normal. (think Shaco's clone) It is very possible that this turret may be too weak as a normal turret (I don't know, it's something that will have to be tested), and so the stats may have to be adjusted to make it more in tune with other event rewards. . >{{item:3348}} **Man's Best Friend** >_"An old friend has joined your side! For the next 60 seconds, you can use the power of your pet to reset all of your cooldowns!"_ > >Devourer dog has learned some new tricks in his retirement, and is ready to show what he's learned. For the team who won the reward, all of their trinket slots are replaced with an item. At any time within the next 60 seconds, you can activate the item (instant cast) to reset _**all**_ of your cooldowns. This includes your ultimate, all normal abilities, summoners, and other active items. This can only be used once per reward, and can be very strategic. The double ultimates, possibly two Guardian Angels, Zhonyas back-to-back, or simply flashing twice like everyone's favorite champion {{champion:142}} does. > >Upon being cast, all players should hear a loud "howl" from your location, and the Devourer Dog should "jump" into the champion, as a clear explanation of what's happening. The item itself is an instant cast, and it can be cast from CC as well. Feedback is welcome! I would love to hear your thoughts on these, as well as hear some of your own ideas as well! I understand these are a bit "bigger" events, and they have their own unique rewards, but they definitely could work with the stats balanced right. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} _(Also should this be in Concepts & Creations or Gameplay? Sorry mods if I chose incorrectly)_

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