Random Item Concepts (Boredom)

I don't know I've just been brainstorming items for a MOBA in general, but ehhh I can put them down here and let them leave my mind for good. I guess. Cleansing Ankh Cost: 2850 +800 HP +200% Health Regen Unique Passive: Regenerate 2% of maximum health per second. Unique Active: Cleanse all Crowd Control and debuffs on you currently. Gain 20% Damage Reduction for 5 seconds, immunity to CC for 2 seconds. 60 second cooldown. World Eater's Breastplate Cost: 3000 +500 HP +40 Armor +40 Magic Resist +100% Health Regen Unique Passive Predator's Jaw: Upon a takedown heal for 30% of maximum health. 5 second cooldown. Unique Passive Wounds Reseal: Become immune to Grievous wounds when reaching less than 30% Max HP for 5 seconds. 50 Second Cooldown. Shield of Invincibility (Range Restricted to 375 or below) Cost: 300 +100 HP +10 Armor Unique Passive Precision Guard: Take 20% reduce damage from all range attacks. Heal 50 (+10 HP per level +5% missing health) over 1 second upon receiving an auto attack. 5 second cooldown. Deathmaw Scepter (Range Only) Cost: 3000 +100 AP +30% Magic Penetration Unique Passive Death Awaits None: Upon casting a spell gain a stack of Deathmaw. At 5 stacks your next spell deals 100% more damage and ignores 50% magic resist instead. If you kill using Deathmaw's passive reduce the cooldown of all basic abilities by 12 seconds. Dryad's Ring (Jungle Item) Cost:300 +100 HP Unique Passive: Take 50% less damage from Jungle monsters. Unique Passive Watcher's Eyes: If an enemy champion enters your Jungle you are notified of their location for 5 seconds. 120 second cooldown. Purification Orb Cost: 2500 +200 Health +50 AP +10% Magic Penetration Unique Active Magi's Blessing: Cleanse all crowd controls and debuffs on you currently. Gain 50% increase movement speed. 35 second cooldown. Armor of The Juggernaut Cost: 2350 +300 HP +80 Armor Unique Passive Unstoppable: Gain a spell shield every 20 seconds; upon being hit by Crowd Control gain immunity to it for 2 seconds and gain 100% increase movement speed. Ring of Everlasting Life Cost: 2200 +400 HP +200% Health Regen Unique Passive Life Essence: Increase your maximum health by 10%. Unique Passive Maximum Vitality: For every 500 bonus HP, gain 2% more maximum health (Does not stack with itself). Armor of Invincibility (Range Restricted to 375 or Below) Cost: 2500 +500 HP +50 Armor Unique Passive Steel Plating: Take 50% less damage from range attacks. Heal 100 (+20 per level + 10% missing health) over 1 second after being hit.
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