New Char Concept [ Delana [ Good ] & Destra [ Evil ]

Delana And Destra Are 2 Characters In 1 You Can Choose Wether Or Not To Play Good Or Evil Destra - Is Delana's Exercised Form Meaning The Devil Has Take Over Her Body To Anniliate All Good On Earth ..I Would Like Destra To Look Something Like This... Her Abilities Are As Follows *Passive Ability - [ Purgatory ] - Destra Will Activate This Ability And Add A 15 Sec Revival Time To The Enemy She Most Recently Killed And Put Their Soul In Purgatory Causing A Longer Wait For Revival. *Q Ability - [ Possession ] - Destra Will Try To Channel And Posses A Enemys Soul If She Can Fully Cast This Ability Without Interruption [ Meaning Stuns Or Fears Or Knock Up ] She Can Posses The Enemies Soul And Cause And Evil Spirit To Stalk The Enemy Champion And Slow Their Movement Speed And Attack Speed By Half [ If Fully Cast ] ..She Can Cancel The Spell To Cause Damage *W Ability - [ Circle Of Hell ] - Destra With Create A Circle Around Her Or A Friendly Champ Which Will Reflect Any Ranged Attack Back Towards The Enemy Champion *E Ability - [ Hell Fire ] = Destra Will Create A Cloud Of Death To Infiltrate The Enemys Soul Causing Zombie Effect [ Meaning Any Healing Done Will Reverse To Damage Done To The Target ] If She Cancels The Spell B 4 It Is Over It Will Explode Dealing Area Damage And Zombie *****R Ability - [ ULTIMATE ] - [ EXORCISM ] - Destra With Summon A Red Cross To Impale Her Enemy Of Her Choice Which Then Will Call Out The Demons From Hell To Bombard The Enemy Of Her Choice With Poison . Slow. And Zombie. Delana - I Would Like To Look Something Like This Stature Delana - Is A Nun Who Was Granted The Powers By Christ Himself To Help People In Battle She Has Heard About This Lovely Little BattleField And Is Showing League Of Legends Just How Strong God Really Is...[ I Am Not Religious What So Ever ]...TBH..........Here Is What I Would Like Delana To Look Like Here Abilities Are As Followed *Passive Ability - [ Holy Sanctum ] - Delana Will Turn Into A Ghost And Be Able To Cast All Healing Spells To Her Friend Target After She Dies..She Cannot Be Attacked During This *Q Ability - [ Pray ] - Delana Will Chant A Hymn And Heal A Friendly Target For Hp *W Ability - [ White Light ] - Delana Will Let Out A Blinding Light To Blind The Enemy Champion And Cause Blindness To The Target..If She Casts This On A Friendly Champion It Will Absorb Damage Like A Shield * E Ability - [ Procure ] - Delana Will Summon A Angel From The Heavens To Charge The Enemy And Hold On To Them And Cause A Snare.. *****R Ability - [ ULTIMATE ] - [ THE HYMN ] - Delana Will Begin To Chant While Delana Is Chanting She Will Take 80% Reduction Damage From All Sources She Will Then Create A Hymning Circle Allowing Her Teammates To Hymn With Her As Long As All 4 Of Her Teammates Run Into The Respective Circles They Will Be Healed The More Allies That Hymn With Delana Will Receive More Healing Based On The Number Of Allys In Each Circle.. Each Circle An Ally Can Be Knocked Out Of..... But Delana CAN NOT !!! BE Knocked Out Of Unless She Is Killed ..I Would Like The Moves Symbol To Look Something Of This Stature To Appear On The Ground
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