Unmarked Islands Idea

https://66.media.tumblr.com/4e9d5cba498d0b2a7519b57cb1fecf82/tumblr_inline_pgbdm86rOC1r349cg_1280.png So, I've been thinking about these unmarked/unclaimed islands since the new map came out and ended up coming up with an idea for what sort of region they could be (if they become a region of their own and aren't just for decoration). What if this region was Hawaiian/Tropical inspired? I'm imagining palm trees, sandy beaches, etc. If you squint the bottom leftmost island even almost looks like it could have a volcano on it. Perhaps we could even get a volcano themed champion from this region? https://img00.deviantart.net/d33e/i/2017/078/1/6/lava_lady_by_denn18art-db2xajo.jpg (art by denn18art on deviantart) https://i.redd.it/rxdy4762p4111.png (art by Robert Koziel) What do you guys think? Would you like a tropical island region? What kind of champs would you like to see from such a region? If it was up to you what sort of region would you make these islands?
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