Kulsto [Support idea]

#Kulsto ##Forest's Favored ######Support, Mobility, Ranged The idea for Kulsto was an Ionian child raised by a Vastayan woman Believes in Xayah and Rakan's rebellion to his own determent at times Left his secluded home against his mother's wishes to right the wrongs of humans --- --- #Passive: Tree Child AP gives % increased healing or % increased healing gives AP _DOES NOT STACK_ #Q: Give or Take Directional skill that shoots in a straight line, gains extra distance when hitting any champion Kulsto -> Ally (base heal) -> Enemy (damages for % of healing done to Ally) Kulsto -> Enemy (damage) -> Ally (heals for % damage done to Enemy) Kulsto -> Ally (base heal) -> Ally (heals for % healing done to previous Ally) Kulsto -> Enemy (damage) -> Enemy (damages for % damage done to previous Enemy) #W: Bramble Friend Ranged AoE (like Morgana's tormented soil) brambles and thorns spring from the ground damaging enemies tha run through and giving allies a temporary movement speed buff #E: False Eyes (just like a moth to scare predators) Directional dash, if Kulsto passes through an enemy champion while dashing they are temporarily feared #R: Forest's Sigh AoE centered on Kulsto that will drop a mass heal and cleanse on all Allies in the radius --- --- https://i.gyazo.com/1d563c72314a2edd84a6f88a13758228.png[\img] https://i.gyazo.com/934128df1ff145f5a032186c88475549.jpg[\img] --- --- Special nteraction Ideas #Enemy Ionian: "I am not like you!" #Rakan or Xayah "Please let me help you!" #Ally Vastayan death: "No! I can fix this!" "This wasn't supposed to happen.."

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