Some thoughts about Yi/Ahri 2019 skins, story inspiration and skin pairing

Hello guys! I'm a player who had been played League for 5 years. I'm a huge fan of {{champion:11}} and {{champion:103}} . I like their ''omnipotent'' kit which make them to be pretty perfect, so both of them kept me company over these 5 years. Whatever meta the game had been, I'd developed a sense of belongings to them which let I have pretty high mastery points of them. I didn't STOP playing League just because of both of them. Even when your official merchandise sales every single Yi / Ahri's figure I owned most of them. ( Yup I hoarded the A New Dawn Ahri Statue ) So I'd admit I'm extremely passionate on affairs which related on Yi / Ahri. I'm pretty sure upcoming 2019 Riot will release skins of this two champions right? No doubt there's a huge commercial potential in these two champion, especially Ahri is the most successful and most popular champion Riot had even made. I would like to make an offer here, that categorizing Yi and Ahri as a same skin series in upcoming 2019. There's some reasons that I make this offer : ‧There's a potential to enrich Yi's story. I mean for a really grandee champion like Yi, receiving story update isn't unduly. By releasing yearly-regular skin in 2019 and updating Yi's story, this can enrich Yi's attractiveness and also make Yi's story to be imaginative. ‧To last the commercial opportunity, No doubt. ‧Triggering a brand-new skin-pairing playstyle. I konw that sounds pretty dumb, but when we looked at Yi and Ahri's respective 10 skins, we COULD actually found similarity of both champion's skins and pairing six of them : PROJECT Yi→Star Guardian Ahri ( 1820 RP, also there's a potential for space twtist which makes PROJECT Series met STG Serise stuff like that ) Headhunter Yi→Challenger Ahri ( Dark-theme Artwork atmosphere ) Eternal Sword Yi→Dynasty Ahri ( Chinese-Korean costume ) Cosmic Blade Yi→Foxfire Ahri ( The blue and red comparison ) Assassin Yi→Midnight Ahri ( Night-theme Artwork atmosphere ) Chosen Yi→Arcade Ahri ( Video games theme atmosphere ) So there's a great opportunity for Riot to introduce skin-paring to trigger fan community bigger imagination, thus gaining much more fan spending time on League. There's a long way to go when all champions' skin are put onto the table and let fan community pair the rest. Imagine if Riot release both Yi and Ahri skins in the same series, and when they opened the skin list of Yi and Ahri, they will realize how similar these skins are. ‧Finding the proper skin-release date. The latest Yi skin in 2018 was on 6th December and Ahri was in 3rd November. Since both of them are yearly-regular skin VIP, giving them a suitable date of skin release is reasonable. When we looked more backward in 2017, Eternal Sword was released on 4th October, Star Guardian Ahri was on 7th September. If their skin release date was that close, Riot can actually put both of them into the sam series to solve the 2019 Yi / Ahri skin problem, since their last skin release was in the end of the year, there's no way to postone the skin release date like Eternal Sword Yi→Snowman Yi or Star Guardian Ahri→K/DA Ahri. ‧They are both champions out of five which for newbies (Rest of them are Lux, MF, Darius), Riot can also think about putting all five champions as the same skin series, boosting newbie's tensions on them too, especially Yi and Ahri for sure. ‧And last but not least, my personal desire of both Yi / Ahri players' desire. So that's the end of it. In the attachment are my mastery points of Yi / Ahri, my thoughts of skin-paring in Yi / Ahri and also my best Yi / Ahri artwork so far. I will be really pleased if Riot really release a Yi / Ahri skin in the same series in 2019. Thank you for reading ! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Below I had some pretty cool suggestions of editing Yi / Ahri 's relation. Riot could actually think about Yi and Ahri's relation by updating Yi's story : ‧The similarity of both champion. They both lived in Ionia, and there's much more connections I can see between both of them : 1.They have a final goal. →Master Yi pursues the peak of the path of Wuju. →Ahri having a desire to become truly human. I know her story was updated, but I'm sure community over the world would prefer Ahri to continue her path to become human. 2.They isolated themselves for meditating. →Master Yi spent times to meditate. →Ahri spent times in a cave, isolating herself to control her relentless desire. 3.They both lose what was meant to be priceless for them in the past. →Master Yi lose his village by Singed. →Ahri lose her lover by killing him. 4.They need a relationship. →Master Yi was always alone when he seeked revenge and meditate. That can have a discussion that he actually needs some relationship. →Ahri isolated herself after killing her lover. She couldn't forget it but it doesn't mean she can't be aroused by anyone else. 5. Their interaction. →Master Yi would like to teach Ahri about humanity or even wanting her to be a successor of Wuju, just like Wukong. Remember more than one successor of a thing is better. →Ahri would like to charm Yi but Yi was immuned because of his meditation. Ahri would like to be friends with Yi or even also admire him. Personally I think Yi is a better partner for Ahri and not Wukong. But that's just some ideas for me to enrich Yi's story if RIOT want so. Thank you for reading ! {{champion:11}} {{champion:103}}

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