r/FiddlesticksMains - [FIDDLESTICKS REWORK IDEA] - INTERESTING NEW MECHANIC (subjective) (repost)
(my main post in r/leagueoflegends got removed for some reason) DISCLAIMER: My idea of Fiddlesticks prioritizes the fact that he remains an AMBUSH MAGE, removing most of his point and click as per Riot's new champion reworks have been doing. THE MAIN PRIORITY IS TO MAKE FIDDLE THE SCARIEST CHAMPION POSSIBLE.
**(please read the reddit thread for better formatted version)** (this is a repost from OCE boards, since i wasn't sure how many people go to OCE boards) https://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-creations/ch0gW6xW-fiddlesticks-rework-idea-interesting-new-mechanic (original post in r/leagueoflegends got taken down for some reason) {{champion:9}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:9}} DISCLAIMER: > - My idea of Fiddlesticks prioritizes the fact that he remains an AMBUSH MAGE, removing most of his point and click as per Riot's new champion reworks have been doing. > - THE MAIN PRIORITY IS TO MAKE FIDDLE THE SCARIEST CHAMPION POSSIBLE. > - Fiddle will still have an idle "animation" where he's frozen still (like the live version) ABILITIES: **PASSIVE:** > Every (?) seconds, a clone appears globally in a bush that is *unwarded by the enemy* > - The clones are limitless (no time, no number limit), (meaning he can theoretically have a clone in all bushes in the map). > - The clones will appear to Fiddle/allies as Fiddlesticks in the idle animation but without the healthbar. > - The clones will appear to enemies as Fiddlesticks in the idle animation with a real health bar, however, getting attacked with even just a basic attack will destroy the clone. > - Warding the unwarded bush that the clone appeared in will not make the clone disappear. > - Obviously no two clones/can be in one bush. > - The clones will give an extremely miniscule vision. > > *******Here's the fun part.******** > - Whenever Fiddlesticks stays in a bush for (?) seconds he will also enter the idle animation. > - Moving right after that idle animation will give Fiddlesticks and the clones a burst movement speed ANDwill make ALL the clones move towards the nearest championand will disappear after a SHORT amount of time (like Neeko W). > - The clones will also imitate the abilities cast (not R) but will deal NO DAMAGE. > - The clones will only reveal a champion they are chasing if they were in a close radius within a small amount of time. **R (ULTIMATE):** > (After a short channel), Fiddlesticks swaps his soul to any of the clones and gains a massive movement speed bonus when running towards an enemy champion. > - This movement speed disappears abruptly once Fiddle looks away from an enemy champion. > - VISUAL: While channeling, Fiddle's eyes turn red and lets out a shriek/laugh/horrific sound. The clone he leaves behind loses this red eyes, and the new fiddle he controls runs ecstatically/jittery as if it is glitching and blood spills out of his mouth when chasing. > ** E:** > Charged (Hold): > Fiddlesticks spews out spirits(or crows or ghouls) from its head/mouth and spirals around him in an increasing radius.*and damages enemies struck. If 3 spirits strikes an enemy champion, they are silenced. > Instant Cast: > Fiddlesticks spews out the spirits abruptly in a straight line, still damaging enemies struck and silences enemy champions struck 3 times. > - * The spiral of spirits emitting from Fiddlesticks visually looks similar to Aurelion Sol stars, HOWEVER instead of 3 circular stars, it's a spiral cluster of spirits. > - Each spirit deals a specifically small amount of damage, possibly similar to current Fiddle E. > - If 3 spirits have entered an enemy, the remaining spirits will continue to travel around or in a straight line. Except jungle camps. > - Jungle camps engulfs all the spirits. (So that it doesn't pass through walls and reveals Fiddle location). > - Charged E is best for charging after R into a teamfight as it will guarantee AOE damage (similar to current Fiddle R) and best chances of silencing more than 1 enemy champions. > - Instant E is best use for bursting jungle camps, etc. > ** W:** > Fiddlesticks swings his sickles in a CONE AOE. healing him and causing enemy champions struck to have blood tracks(rephrased as it is not a bleed DOT effect like Darius' Passive). > Moving (stepping) on the path of blood heals Fiddlesticks. > Stacks 3 times. However, the 3rd strike is NOT AOE, instead, a point and click where he slams his sickle and rips his target apart, letting out more blood, dealing more damage and heals him more. > - Visually, after swinging his sickle, the enemies struck will emit a flowing blood towards Fiddle's mouth and heals him.Fiddle swings clockwise, counterclockwise, and the third stack he slams his sickle on the target instead of AOE.The only problem I have encountered with this is differentiating the blood path from Darius' enemies struck by his passive. It's up to your suggestions what it could look like. > TLDR: fiddle swing swing, 2 times, third time is a point and click; damages and heals him; enemies struck leaves blood tracks which heals him as well. ** Q:** > Fiddlesticks emit a dark aura/barrier which fears enemy champions that stay within his radius for a few seconds after the ability is casted. Lasts 10-20 seconds. Champions are feared after 3(?) seconds. (Numbers are up to balancing team). > - AOE Range is similar to the max cap range of Charged E. > - Visually may look like old Maokai R, but instead it has an eerie dark mist around it. ** Gameplay:** > While creating this concept, all I had in mind is that the new Fiddle will still play almost exactly the same as the current Fiddle, with Q having the Fear, but instead of point and click, it's an AOE where enemies that stay within his radius gets feared; W being a healing purpose, but instead of standing still like a sitting duck, he can finally MAKE USE OF HIS SICK SICKLE; and E is just stripped of his old R. and the Passive and the R are pretty much one thing, but the reason why the passive is in the passive instead of R Passive is so that pre-6 can still be menacing and spooky with the clones popping in the bush. > Jungling combo: Q, E (Instant), then W. > Ganking Pre-6: Q, E (Hold), W > Ganking Post-6: R, Q, E (Hold), W > ** Other:** > Skin ideas for the E spirits. > - Classic - dark spirits/ crows > - Spectral - clear spirits > - Bandito - bullets/ crows > - Surprise Party - dog shaped balloons/confettis? > - Risen - locusts > - Praetorian - robotic crows TLDR: This Fiddle Concept speaks "don't get close to the scarecrow". PLEASE UPVOTE if you like this so Riot can see And let me know what you think! IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS OR COMPLAINTS PLEASE KEEP IT OPEN MINDEDLY, AND I WILL BE HAPPY TO DISCUSS! I tried my best to make it so it could be balance-able and not to overpowered, e.g. the passive does not have grant much vision, the damage, healing, and durations of CC's are up to debate, etc. if my post from r/fiddlemains gets taken down i will re-format this post for clarity {{champion:9}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:9}}
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