my new skin idea

so my skin idea is for mord and i was thinking if like an eternal flame mord where fire and smoke are coming from the inside and his armor is molten and anytime he walks molten metal would fall was thinking it would be a ultimate skin the FX of the rework would be like so passive would be a flame pool that would make the enemy champ seem like there on fire and stop when they get out his Q i think would be him slamming his mace on the ground but leave a like molten crater sorta thing his W i think would be the fire inside him would shoot out on first cast and like cover him on the second cast his E would be almost like the original but instead of it being a green hand i think it would be more of a fire/metal hand and for the final one his R this one i think would seal the deal when he cast his ult he sends himself and the enemy champto a realm of fire and the second part maybe to ambitious but if it could be done i think once ur in there u can see damned souls in the fire but i hope that yall read this cuz i think that this skin would be an amazing thing yall could make and would just fit mord well

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