Riot can you make a Green and White Ice King Twitch chroma please? for christmas sake.

I'm going to be flat out honest here I only like the Ruby chroma because it's the closest to a festive colour than the other chromas. I do think the rose (pink) and dark purple (tanzanite) are "quite" charming only because they are close as possible to other league skin themes like Heartseeker Twitch or Dark Star Twitch (for now). But these two chromas and the other 2 I've not mentioned are pretty boring and not worth my money, there are no colours that just pop out that I can connect with to any other theme or feel more christmas festive. There is still time to add this green and White chroma which is elf christmas themed and goes well with the chroma bundle. Perhaps the people who already purchased this bundle can get this chroma for free so they save money and they don't feel ripped off. Going back to Omega Squad Twitch's chromas I liked all 3 of them but the best one was his Battle Medic chroma which represents his skin lore very well (and I use it as an excuse to play twitch support in normals) I'm glad that Riot has made a Twitch skin that isn't another criminal skin but it still falls into the evil theme (we get it: He's a rat and rats are commonly treated as evil in alot of media or just not liked). The only skin that makes him not so evil is his Whistler Village skin and honestly I thought this was going to be his xmas themed skin forever since Riot normally doesn't make skins that feel too much like the same for each champion. For a future Twitch skin can you make a cute one similar to the fan concept of arcade twitch. There are just too many evil/criminal themed skins for this champion and I would like to see Riot do break that stereotype for this champion and make him more cute. Even if it's just one skin that is fine. Maybe if you do a future evil skin you can perhaps do a goofy cartoon villain skin. that skin theme can also work with kled who is pretty goofy in his own way to. Also I would like to see a cute nasus skin, kinda like pug'maw which is a fricking lovely skin btw. ----------------------- What fanmade skins do you want riot to put into the game? Post the images here I'd like to see them. Also if you aren't an artist or just haven't done skin concepts than tell me what skins you'd like to see on any champion. It can be champions you don't like like Zoe. I wish riot would make a Zoe skin where she is actually (for fuking real) a Windows Recycle Bin just bouncing around the map so she can delete my ass and send my scrublord ass to the bin. Or give Poppy a middle finger ultimate to get rid of those pesky fiddlestick mains. Turn Bard into a chef and he attacks with a spoon (if you get the reference then you win a cookie). Thank you so much for reading, Riot and Forum members.

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