I created a new Champion, Do you like it?

Glaceus- The God of the Frejlords Passive: Hypothermia- Everytime Glaceus uses an auto attack or skill, the hit enemy will have one stack of Hypothermia on them, which deals 3% of their maximum health as Damage over time for a 4 second duration. At 5 stacks, the damage over time is quadrupled. [Q] Ice Bug- Glaceus spawns 3 Ice Bugs that prioritizes enemy champions, dealing 80/160/240/320/400 Magic Damage and healing Glaceus for 50% of the total damage dealt. If the Ice Bugs hit an enemy, it also applies a 90% Slow for 3 seconds. [3 second cooldown] [95 Mana] [W] Suction- Glaceus Draws in all enemies within 450 AOERange, also applying a strong 90% Slow to enemies within range. Also dealing 20 Magic Damage per second. [12 Second Cooldown][10 Mana Per Second] [E] Ice Shield- Glaceus passively takes 25% reduced damage. when this shield is on cooldown. When Activated, a Spell Shield is activated that blocks the next spell.[25 Second Cooldown][No Cost] [R] Glacier- Glaceus Channels to breathe in for 3 seconds He then Releases a Glacier from his mouth at 2500 range dealing 200/400/600 Magic Damage and Stunning all enemies in a cone for 3 seconds. [150/125/100 Second Cooldown][105 Mana]

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