[ Skin Idea } Battle Academia Kai'sa

{{champion:145}} This is an idea I wanted to show everyone for the Battle Academia skin line. Kai'sa is my main, so I always like the idea of more skins for her. I also wrote some lore to fit into the universe of 'Battle Academia', if you want a brief read. https://i.imgur.com/LkddGU8.jpg/[img] "Daughter of a renowned Durandal scientist, Kai’sa was very much her father’s shadow—tagging along for research expeditions overseas, and even assisting in experiments. Much like her father, she had a mind for understanding how machinery worked, and very swiftly learnt how to code computers. But one day, the facility where she lived was attacked by enemy forces, and she was taken hostage by the enemy; forced to divulge what she knew of her father’s important research: Bridging the gap between man and machine. Far from home, and unsure of her father’s fate, the young girl gave the enemy everything she knew. But when that wasn’t enough, the enemy turned Kai’sa into a weapon to use against Durandal. A decade later, Kai’sa escaped her captives using her new power, and returned to Durandal to find her father. And when she found him, he saw what she had become. And it frightened him. The enemy had used their technology and his research to turn his own daughter into a terrible weapon. But when he saw her eyes—those same eyes of a little girl filled with curiosity and humanity, he knew she was still his daughter. But Kai’sa feared her powers, reflecting on the uncontrollable destruction she had wrought upon those who had enslaved her. And so, her father sent her to the one place she may yet learn to control those powers; the academy of the God Weapon. Kai’sa is a living weapon, half machine, half schoolgirl. But she also carries with her a soft heart and would do anything to protect her father and her new friends. She is also addicted to Peach milk."
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