Anyone else interesting in a "Neon Strike" skin line?

Whoops. Clearly meant "interested in," my bad. ANYWAYS... Neon Strike Vi has to be my favorite skin next to DJ Sona. (I like to drop dem beats) However, I haven't seen many concepts that build off of "Neon Strike." When I hear "Neon Strike," I picture a brightly colored champion with flashy particles that are in your face. Some champions that come to mind that would work well with this concept would be{{champion:236}}, {{champion:131}}, {{champion:89}}, {{champion:127}}, and {{champion:85}}. They are all hard engage that really work well the idea itself, as well as having particles that can be used to really fit the theme. I'm hoping to see if others are interested in the line and/or have ideas on what champions would be best suited. Maybe if enough people show interest the idea can be considered. (: EDIT FOR CONCEPTS: Neon Strike Sion by BrotherBaston on deviantart: Neon Strike Caitlyn* by Xelandra on deviantart: Neon Strike Fiora by Pokadotzombie on deviantart: Other Champion Ideas: {{champion:99}} : Of course the light mage would fit this theme perfectly. It's also a drastic difference compared to her currently available skins. {{champion:112}} : He has a flashy skill set that could really work with the color scheme. He's also in the same boat as Lux, since his skins are more dark; a brighter skin could really round out his skin roster well.
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