They should buff Nunu so that he is more relevant toward mid-late game. i think nunu should not have mana but have empowered abilities * Passive: After x seconds Nunu gets to empower an ability (similar to rengar) * Q: same as live but change his heal from 75%ap to X% max health based on X% of armor and X% Magic Resist. on empowered q: 1. on big krug: gain x% resistance 2. on red buff: gain massive health regen 3. on big raptor: increase nunu aa range 4. on big wolf: bonus damage on aa 5. on blue buff: refund 50% of q w and e cooldowns 6. on gromp: Gain x% health 7. on rift scuttler: x% movespeed 8. on rift hearld: empowers blue or/and red buff if he finishes it off 9. on baron: if he finishes baron off regains all of his health 10. on dragon: gets a bonus to the dragon tier * W: same as live: on empower gets a big burst of speed that decays over the duration * E: same as live but on empowered snowball has aoe * R: same as live but upon channel completion stun all enemies in and allies caught in the channel
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