Why doesn't Riot look at full chat logs between the person who reports and the reported?

Everything is one-sided without taking into consideration of what the other person said/did. Really annoying. Half the time it's not someone getting banned because they are toxic but they are arguing and don't write stuff in a comforting way so has not to offend them in the **slightest way possible** . All the report reviewing has a very limited perspective of things. E.G. "I don't fucking believe what you're saying". This is bannable according to the system that picks it up. Because the person dropped the f bomb. I'm not defending toxic people who tell people to die or get cancer, that with no questions asked is bannable. But because people arguing or discussing mistakes/faulty plays doesn't make their reports justifiable. Most of the time if people are wrong they just say "shut up/whatever", followed by "im reporting you" which can be really bothersome. And don't try to justify saying Riots system is perfect they know what they're doing, first of all the game isn't even balanced let alone side variables regarding the report function. Can we make an effort to make 2 week bans and permas ban more justifiable? And please don't say to mute them. When I play my games I perfer to shotcall and I ENJOY listening to my team discussing plays and making comebacks. Maybe it's just me watching a lot of LCS coaches and managers talk to their teammates in a heated tone BUT the team is understanding and they actually listen. I know you shouldn't compare the two but they have some similar aspects. It could be me getting riled up and excited in the heat of the moment but I enjoy having intense and competitive matches where everyone trys their best in logical strategies where heated conversations can we allowed as long as they are never excessive and trust me there is definitely a fine line. And yes I was perma banned the other day I'm not arguing for that case but just an idea for the game itself to move forwards from its very style of play. Tl;dr people take things too personally when others discuss faults and errors and how to improve which leads to people getting banned. Community isn't stuck up btw haHAA I don't know if this should be under player and behaviour or concepts and creations sorry if i fucked that up.
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