Idea for New Mythic Skin!!

Kayle and Morgana: The Righteous and the Fallen | Champion Gameplay Trailer - League of Legends
Two sisters born from the Aspect of Justice chose divergent paths. Only the guilty need fear them.
I was wondering what new Mythic skin would be released considering Malzahar{{champion:90}} was released 4 months ago and Renekton {{champion:58}} was released 2 months ago. So i could only assume that a new Mythic skin could be released in the near future? Considering that Morgana {{champion:25}} and Kayle's {{champion:10}} rework has already been teased why not make a Sisters themed Mythic Skin set? I would love to see a Mythic Morgana {{champion:25}} skin and it would help celebrate their rework/release. Any thoughts on this or who do you think should be the next Exclusive Mythic Skin?

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