If your main could have any skin line which would it be?

{{champion:412}} : (Arclight/ Justicar) just cause it he is always pictured as the bad guy, maybe he can be good in one skin and i think white would look good on him {{champion:223}} : (Battle boss/ Death Blossom/ Battlecast) Tahm kench is fat and a animal literally every nintendo bad guy, i wanna see how plants and nature would transform him, every badass monster in this game gets a battle cast why not tahm {{champion:201}} : (Heartseeker) I think they nailed all braum skins, but lets be honest he is hottest man cake around, sorry taric mains {{champion:57}} : (Darkstar) He would look so cool and with the multiple stuff he has, it would look like two being has merged, im talking about his hand being like a separate entity What skin line would you like your main in?

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